How to Go Green with Clothing This Summer

going green with clothing

People are making a conscious decision to live an eco-friendly life and this includes the clothes they wear. When going green with clothing this summer, you have options to help you maintain passion for saving the earth. Whether you are going to choose an organic dry-cleaner or only by gently-used clothing items, you can commit to green living this summer or all year around.

Organic Clothing

There is a wide variety of organic clothing hitting the market this year. Check labels religiously to ensure the products you are purchasing are made from organic cotton or other sustainable material such as hemp or even processed bamboo. Purchase clothing that is made locally or at least choose domestic products to ensure they are made with organic materials.

Thrift Shop

Pop music has people more interested in “popping tags” at a thrift store this summer than shopping at malls where all clothing looks alike. Visit a local thrift store and find recycled and gently-used clothing that is one of a kind. You can find rare vintage items like cool coloured vest tops, designer jeans, limited edition graphic tee-shirts and you might get lucky and stumble upon haute couture for a song. You’ll save a ton of money buying used clothing at thrift shops. This helps the environment by reducing waste and conserving energy.

When you visit a thrift shop, make sure to donate clothing that you no longer wear instead of discarding it. Others will get use out of your donated clothing and you will be helping others less fortunate than you and reducing waste at a landfill at the same time.

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Consignment Shopping

Consignment shops generally have more upscale clothing than thrift shops. That is because the people who bring their clothing to a consignment shop receive money for their goods. Consignment shop owners also know what sells at specific times of the year so they will not just take any hand-me-down item. Visit a consignment shop for your summer wardrobe needs and you will keep your commitment to green living while finding unique clothing in excellent condition.

Dry Cleaning

This summer, switch to an organic dry cleaner when you have clothes that need to be cleaned. Traditional dry cleaners use toxic solvents which get into the air and water. Organic dry cleaners use EPA approved chemicals that do not harm the environment. Your clothes will be cleaned by experts who are committed to eco-friendly living while simultaneously providing quality care to customer’s belongings. Use organic laundry detergent when doing your wash at home.

Raise Awareness

If you are shopping for clothing this summer and you have trouble finding stores that carry organic clothing, ask shop owners to begin supplying them. Organize a campaign to petition manufacturers to use organic materials in their clothes. Talk to your friends and family about the importance of eco-friendly materials and committing to green living.

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