How to Go Green with Ease

how to go green

In today’s society, “going green” and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is no longer a fad and is becoming more popular each day. If you are considering going green in your own home, there are plenty of reasons to do so that can ultimately make a significant difference in the environment around us.

Why Go Green?

Cleaner Air – Eliminating toxins in the air around you and reducing the amount of chemicals you use to clean helps to keep the air cleaner, fresher and healthier.

Understanding Survival – When you go green, you begin to learn how to live without all of the electricity that you may have previously used living in luxury. Learning survival skills can help you to enjoy the outdoors more while understanding what it takes to provide the very basics for you and your family.

Less Water Usage – Using less water and staying self-aware of the water usage in your home will drastically cut down on your bill and the total amount of water you use regularly. Turning off faucets and tubs when they are not in use helps to eliminate the waste of water.

Living Healthier – When you go green, you will ultimately begin living healthier and more fulfilling lives, especially if you choose organic produce and opt for walking or traveling by bike rather than using a car that releases chemicals and emissions.

How to Go Green at Home

Upgrade Appliances – Upgrading your home’s appliances to energy-efficient ones is one of the best ways to go green, regardless of the size of your household. Dishwashers that are energy-efficient not only use less electricity to run, but also less water. Energy-efficient stoves and refrigerators help to store and prepare food without nearly as much energy as outdated models require.

Walk or Biking – Choose to walk or bike to nearby locations to save on emitting fumes from your vehicles, keeping the air fresher and cleaner while promoting a healthier exercise regimen for everyone in your home.

Reusable Bags and Tote – Avoid using plastic or paper bags if you do not recycle, and instead opt for reusable tote bags and recyclable grocery shopping bags that can be carried alongside with you for all of your shopping needs.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – Replace the current light bulbs you have in your home with energy efficient options. Energy efficient light bulbs not only cut down on the amount of electricity that is required to light a room in your home, but you will also save money on your total electric bill each month.

Dry Your Own Laundry – Instead of using a classic dryer in your laundry room to dry your clothes, consider hanging up your laundry if weather is permitting. Drying your clothes outdoors dramatically cuts down on energy usage without damaging the environment.

Unplug Unused Appliances – When you are not using appliances or electronic gadgets in your home, consider unplugging them. Even when electronics are not in use, having them plugged in requires a bit of energy usage which can add up over time.

Changing the way we live can ultimately make planet Earth much more sustainable and a healthier, cleaner place to thrive. Making small changes to your everyday life is a way to improve the environment that surrounds us while becoming more conscious and aware of the planet as a whole.

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