Mistrial of Urbanization


Urbanization means the migration of peoples from rural areas to cities for better health, education and other facilities, which are not illegal or morally bad things because being humans from the first day of life on earth we are competing for more better and more bright tomorrow. In recent decades different theories, suppositions and predictions about our future due to high population growth and migrations to already populated and over burdened cities making and showing this thing more bad in favor of our future generation.

Many scientists, sociologists are considering it as burden on earth and on resources but I believe that human resources are the most precious resources on our planet earth. The problem is actually not the urbanization or growth of population but the management of population. We need to manage and use this precious human resource in an efficient way to make our future more secure then today. Let’s talk about Karachi which is used as a worse picture of huge population by many anti urbanization societies. Karachi is a city whose roads was designed and supposes to be used for approximately twenty thousand vehicles and now the approximate numbers of vehicles on these roads exceeds more than five lakhs vehicles and some surveys also shows it more than twenty lakhs. But when city was established and Karachi sea port, Industrial estate with many more jobs opportunities starts pulling deprived communities from all over the country this was the time for planners not to exceed the population more than the supposed population of planning stage. They need to provide these facilities on some other places to attract peoples there and save Karachi from over burdening by scattering the population to other cities.

If we took the total area of Baluchistan and divide it by our country population a new Pakistan can be built there but we failed to do so and to hide our mistakes we blaming the over growth of population. Is it true that the peoples of coastal areas of Karachi are happy by living on the edge of death, anytime they can be washed away within seconds by the strong tides of Sea? No they are not but they had no choice to feed their families by staying on a safe place, if we establish more industrial estates, make roads and provide other facilities in other parts of our country we can manage our population we have still a large vacant space were we can attract and accommodate these peoples and can use this precious human resource for the betterment of our future because blaming them provides no solution for future. We need only to accommodate as much peoples at every urban centre which was made for them by applying best management practices which is the principles of sustainability and Humanity. No religion calling Humans burden and no principle ordered to end up resources in place of its good and efficient manage utilization. Betterment always starts from ideas and ideas comes when problems start irritation so I think we have a choice but I am not sure for how long this choice will be available to us, like other choices we may also lose this choice too if we still believing on fate for saving us……

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