Human Population Upsurges

Human population upsurges

The idea of Earth’s carrying capacity goes something like this Humans need certain resources to survive at subsistence level most commonly air, food, water and usually some kind of shelter. A sustainable habitat is one in which supply of and demand for these resources are balanced. Different peoples are using different resources on this planet earth scientists believed that human population is increasing in higher amount while the resources on this planets are going to be limited in a certain period of time.

While the envirocivil team was taking an interview of the Pakistani young boy and a student of environmental sciences “IKRAM UL HAQ” about the population expansions he added that ” Earth’s population has become 7 Billion and if earth is continuously stricken with upsurge of population it will be hard to sustain the food for human beings. Virtually human population growth rate is at root becoming the world’s biggest environmental problem. Although the growth rate of world’s population has slowed slightly since the 1999.

The world’s population is increasing about 77 million human beings per year. The Population Division of the United Nations (UN) predicts that the world’s population will increase from 6.23 billion people in 2000 to 9.3 billion people in 2050. The UN estimates that the population will increase more than 11 billion in 2200. Other experts foresee that population will continue to rise into the foreseeable future, to as many as 19 billion people by the year 2200. Dreadful situation it will be.

Although the growth rate of population is now much slower in the developed countries than in the developing countries. In developing countries the most important factors necessary to decrease the population are democracy and social justice. And these factors are lacking other than that we need to aware the people from this foresee dreadful situation and the educated persons can play vital role in this for that we need to create a colony of environmentalist in every country for awareness about environment and That can be possible if every government set a modern environmental movement in their country like US rooted New England Philosophical movement called as transcendentalism in 19th century.

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