Eco friendly Pet Supplies

eco friendly pet supplies

When you are determining methods to make your home more eco friendly, don’t forget that your pet’s care is involved in maximizing your efficiency. Whether it is grooming, foods, waste disposal, or toys your pet can share in the responsibilities to the planet. There are several aspects of your regular pet-care products you may never have realized before that have eco-friendly counterparts. Although some of the alternatives may be more expensive, wouldn’t you pay a little bit more to help your pet live a happier and additive-free lifestyle?Do you know about the Eco friendly Pet Supplies? if no then scroll down!!


1. Yard Odor Killer – There are natural sprays you can purchase in order to help remove the outdoor odors your pets can create. Whether they are dogs, rabbits, cats, and more the odors produced from your pets can be offensive to yourself and your neighbors. Organic sprays can remove these odors while being safe for plant-life and without toxic chemicals seeping into the soil.

2. Herbal Remedies – Many herbal remedies that we take for granted work for our pets as well. Just because they aren’t human doesn’t mean they are not a carbon-based life form with similar needs to our own. Herbal treatments such as tea tree oil and many others work the same way for your pets as they do for yourself. In fact, a great deal of vitamins and minerals we use for personal care are given to pets for the same reasons.

3. Kitty Litters – One of the most well know organic and eco-friendly of pet products is cat litter. Regular litters utilize bits of clay and chemical fragrances. Eco-friendly products are known to use other biodegradable products that work just as well, if not better. Products like Swheat Scoop uses wheat enzymes to rid odors while providing the clumping capacity for easy scooping. It is completely made from biodegradable and renewable resources.

4. Shampoos – As humans have organic hair care, so does the animal world. Organic shampoos are available for your pet that don’t use harmful and toxic chemicals providing a healthier form of cleaning for your pet. Reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that are extracted through your drains or absorbed in your yard by taking a closer look into what shampoos are the best for your pet.

5. Clean Water Bowls – When you invest in the benefits of bottled water, keep in mind that you’re not the only one affected by the dangers of what is floating around in your water lines. Your pets can feel the detrimental effects of your water as you do. A Drinkwell pet fountain armed with a charcoal water filter, for example, can help prevent your pets from suffering urinary tract infections. These infections can become severe enough to kill if you don’t carefully monitor your pet’s activities or what he or she is drinking.

6. Toys – What list of eco-friendly pet supplies would be complete without including the toys that your pets love? There are a variety of eco-friendly toys that you can choose from. Recycled plastic chewables, wool constructed goodies, and even personal gardens for your cats containing wheat grass or barley.

Green Dog Pet Supply

Many of us will treat our pets as our children. We can become so emotionally involved with them that the loss of a pet is just as painful as losing a family member. If you are looking towards a healthier living using eco-friendly products, don’t neglect this mute family member. You could help them live a longer and happier life.

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