What Can You Do About Plastic Pollution?

plastic pollution

To introduce a substance that might be harmful for environment or have an adverse effect on environment is called pollution. Plastic pollution is the one type of pollution. Pollution is said to be plastic pollution when we introduce plastic, non biodegradable material into environment and that have an adverse effect on wild life, human as well as on environment. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, gallon, polythene bags are biggest cause of plastic pollution. In our daily life, we have great concern with plastic or polythene bags. Whenever we go market to buy fruits, vegetables etc shop keepers always put those things in plastic shopping bags. United States is producing over twenty five million tons of plastics per year, a trivial fraction of which is getting recycled. Here I am sharing some of the steps, if we adopt these one, our beautiful planet can get rid from plastic pollution.

Step # 1 Refuse Plastic Bags At Shops.

If a shop keeper gives you plastic shopping bags, always refuse it. Also tell him that these are not good for our environment.

Step # 2 Dnt buy Plastic Bags Sandwich

Always try to use paper wax sheets, cloth napkins, and reuse able boxes such as instead of plastic wrapping material.

Step # 3 Buy Beverages in Sustainable Container

Always try to use glass bottles or cans instead of plastic pet bottles.

Step # 4 Doesn’t open another plastic water bottle. Take drinking.

Bottled water costs over 1000 times more per liter than water from your tap. Buying our most essential nutrient, water, from corporations represents an abdication of community control of the commons. If you have concerns about water safety, investigate a filter system such as Multi-Pure. Better yet, work with your water district to develop stricter standards for water purity.

Step # 5 Make a habit of thinking about what comes with each thing that you buy

Look for and reward earth-friendly packaging choices. e.g.: Buy greeting cards in paper boxes instead of clear plastic shells. Ask your florist for flowers wrapped in paper, not clear Film. Use pens that re-fill instead of land-fill. Make a habit of thinking more in general. Conscious consumption is not only good for the earth.

Step # 6 Buy fresh produce in Mother Nature’s wrappers (shell,rind, husk, etc.).

Always try to buy fruits without any packaging.

Step # 7 Encourage stores to change their practices

Always encourage stores, shops etc who want to use rather than plastic bags and want to change their practices.

Step # 8 Organize a presentation on the hidden costs of plastics.

Always try to organize a little presentation on hidden costs of plastics in society where u lived. And promote environmental awareness.

Step # 9 Study the materials and make a presentation yourself

Always study about plastic, make presentations and give it to little communities, schools, colleges etc and tell them how plastic is polluting our environment.

Step # 10 Remove plastic from your office or business, and tell your customers why.

If you have any type of food restaurant pr point, always try to use disposable material and tell customers why you are using this.

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