3 Unusual Types of Environmental Pollution

types of environmental pollution

There are several types of environmental pollution and each type has its own source and consequences which are obviously always negative. However, most of the readers are generally aware of commons types of pollution such as water, air, land and noise pollution. Therefore, in this article you’ll find three other types of pollution which are also present in our daily lives to some extent but are not given much importance. Let’s have a look at them:

1.      Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution happens due to excess heat which exists mostly in industrial zones in or outskirts of the cities. Although it doesn’t show any negative effects right away but after sometime or in long-term thermal pollution can be quite hazardous for our environment, especially when global warming is becoming a growing problem. The earth also has its own thermal cycle, but since that’s natural it doesn’t cause any harm. Mostly, thermal pollution stays around its sources and doesn’t go too far, however if there are many sources in area then it can all add up to cover a larger area and thus thermal pollution is spread widely. It is commonly caused by any of the below sources:

  • Power plants or factories
  • Deforestation
  • Air pollution due to which heat particles can be trapped
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Reduction in water supplies for temperature moderation

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2.      Radioactive Pollution

This type of pollution is not spread widely and we hope it never does. Radioactive pollution can bring extreme consequences and cause cancer, birth defects, sterilization and other complications wherever it goes. Due to its severity and detrimental consequences on environment and every living thing in it, most of the governments in the world have very strict rules to regulate the use of such substance that can cause radioactive pollution. Common sources of radioactive pollution are:

  • Accidents or leakage in nuclear power plants
  • Improper disposal of nuclear waste
  • Mining operations for Uranium or Plutonium

If there’s a radioactive pollution containing it is extremely difficult and even after years there are chances that the radiation cannot be completely contained. Two of the most widely known examples are Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine that occurred on 26th April, 1986 and even after all these years the whole city is inhabitable. The other one occurred around two years ago, the Fukushima Daichi disaster which happened due to Tsunami on 11th March, 2011 and up till now the radiation level has not been completely contained.


3.      Visual Pollution

Unlike radioactive pollution, this type doesn’t have extreme consequences but it certainly has its own negative effects. Visual pollution is something due to which you get unpleasant feeling, looking at something unattractive or gross so to say. It can adversely affect the quality of life in areas where it’s too common, bring down the real estate’s value or prices and people might leave the area due to no personal enjoyment after seeing unpleasant sights. It can be caused by:

  • Littered streets
  • Creepy abandoned homes/buildings
  • Graffiti or gang signs on the walls
  • Anything that seems unpleasant to your eyes

These are three different types of pollution which are present in the world today but not given much importance or go unnoticed.

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