“Save the Environment”, Are we really doing it?

save the environment

“SAVE THE ENVIORNMENT”, this is all we say, is that enough? I mean saying about saving the environment is it enough on our part? Do we really save the environment?  Every small thing we do simply relates and even reflects to our environment. Saving water, electricity and trees are not the only things which we do to save our degrading environment. Let’s find out why saving the environment is necessary and what we can do on our part to maintain the courtesy.

Why save the environment?

First thing first, we need to save the Environment to a great extent. Today, our planet is getting impure by toxic gases and exhaust materials which is a byproduct of human made factories and vehicles.  Fuel is also a significant part of the environment which gets burned every second, if we carry on to pollute this much then think that what we will leave for our future generations? How are they going to survive if nothing’s left behind? By making wise decisions and by using Eco friendly possessions, we can actually make it happen. We live in a beautiful world and the Environment around us is the most vital source of existence. There are many things which we take from the environment and never pay it back, we get:

  • Fresh water (if our rivers and other water bodies are clean)
  • Power- Flowing water can create an electric current whereas the fast moving air can also create electric current if they are used properly with water turbines and windmills respectively and if they are present in our environment so that we can use it again and again.
  • Green trees and forests provide us with fresh air to breathe, which is termed as Oxygen, this also we take from the Environment.
  • Big and dense forests can help causing rain and can lessen the scarcity of water and it also helps to filter the polluted air.
  • It also provides home and food to live for animals, is it a good idea to tame a tiger and feed him the natural and fresh meat every day? I don’t think so.

We get plenty of resources and we are using it too much without taking care of it and in no time if we do not do anything we may run out of resources then we have no one to blame for the use of resources, so it’s better to take care of the environment and do your best what you can do to save it.

What we can do:

Sitting with hands in your pockets can not make it happen; there are numerous things which we can do:

  • We can use paper bags in place of the plastic bags from the supermarket.
  • To save fuel we can use car pooling to go to work or we can use the public transport provided by the government, going on foot if it is at nearby place or using a bicycle.
  • We can use solar power and plant more and more trees if possible.
  • We can use recycled wood furniture for our offices and homes. The furniture made of recycled wood seen at Jarrimber is the majority choice of home owners now-a –days. Recycled wood furniture looks beautiful and they also do not contain any toxic coatings which make your interior smell healthy.
  • We can also re-establish habitats so that the species which migrated from here can come back to their original home.
  • We can keep the rivers clean, by not throwing any toxic waste, plastic or any kind or garbage in it.
  • We can renovate our buildings and install solar cookers, solar cells, the electrical equipments which save electricity by making less use of it. Today in market many companies sell Energy saving electrical equipments which have stars showing the less consumption of electricity.
  • We can refill the topsoil and replant the trees near our places and can water them on a daily basis, just take a thought; if every single person on this planet takes responsibility of a single plant he/she grows can make this planet green and full of life.
  • Recycle it and reuse it, try to make the best out of waste!

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