An outlook on Trisomy 18

Science and technology is in its peak nowadays, and the life span of human beings is increasing day by day. Modern medicine is able to treat almost all deadly diseases, and now the world is undoubtedly a comfortable place to live. But, still there are some lethal diseases which are out of our control. Trisomy 18 is one such genetic disorder which is out of the clutches of medical science. It is very hard to treat this disorder, and the chances of survival are nil. Many people are dying because of this disorder, but there is no effective way of treatment for this genetic malfunction.

Trisomy 18 is also called as Edwards syndrome, and is normally caused during the time of conception. Normally, a human cell contains twenty three pair of chromosomes, and these chromosomes are carried from the body of the parents. People who have Edwards Syndrome will be having three chromosomes in the 18th spot, and this is absolutely the one and only reason behind this deadly disorder. In most of the cases, the fetus will die from the womb, and if delivers with life, it will only last for one or two years. In some rare cases, the child will be able to live up to his teenage, but these chances are pretty low.

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There are various symptoms of Trisomy 18. In many cases, the child will be born with unhealthy weight, and he will be too weak and fragile. He will be facing many types of defects in his body, and it will affect almost all internal organs like brain, kidney, heart and liver. Almost all these defects will be deadly, and these defects will worsen over time and it will result in premature death. Many studies proves that girls are highly affected by Edwards syndrome. It has been also noted that women who give birth to their young ones after the age of 30 are more likely to deliver babies with Trisomy 18. These studies are also receiving criticisms, and many scientists consider it as a problem during conception, and they tell that Edwards syndrome has no connection with the age of the mother.

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An infant born with this disorder will find it very hard to survive, and most probably, he will die in quick time. Almost all treatment methods are highly ineffective for this disorder, and medical science is yet to find an effective remedial measure for this deadly genetic defect. Palliative care is one of the most effective treatment methods which can be adopted for the treatment of Trisomy 18. We have to treat various people according to the need. For a child with nutrition defects, you can seek the help of a nutritionist, and for kids with joint problems, you can seek the help of an orthopedician or physiotherapist. No treatment will be able to cure this disease, but the only thing you can do is to reduce the intensity. Let us all hope that an effective treatment method will be introduced soon for tackling this disorder.

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