Air Pollution Effects on Your Health

air pollution

The heightened spirit of consumerism today is damaging the environment more than ever and the results of this can be seen all around the world. The depletion of the ozone layer, smog in the cities, polluted and poisoned rivers and oceans, plastic bags swimming in a massive area in the middle of the ocean and toxic fires like the one in Centralia, Pennsylvania are but a small part of all the horrors happening around the world even as we speak. The health and environmentally-conscious community around the world is trying to counteract these effects by actively and passively fighting the tide of pollution assaulting us from all sides however many people find it easy to abandon reason as long as they don’t realize what the effects of said pollution might be doing to their health. In this article we aim to inform our readers on the dangers of air pollution and smog so they can be aware of the dangers involved.

Everyone can become the victim of the effects of air contaminants, however some of us are more susceptible to the dangers than others. We’re not only talking about children and pregnant women who are usually known for their sensitive immune systems but also those who live in an urban setting where the cars, buildings and overall density of the population contribute to the formation of smog. All of those are very dangerous for bikers and joggers who prefer exercising around the heavily populated cities as each time they go out they inhale large quantities of airborne toxins that simply never leave the cities.

air pollution effects on health

Our respiratory system is responsible for one of the most vital aspects of what makes us alive. It provides us with the necessary oxygen to power our internal organs and our nervous system. The oxygen we breathe in ends up in our blood, our heart, our brain and pretty much everywhere in our body and for that reason polluted air can find its way into our bodies just as easily causing damage and sometimes much worse. Your respiratory system is a sensitive one and vulnerable to pollutants – different gases have different effects on your health. Prolonged carbon monoxide exposure for example can become the reason for a number of health issues such as cardiovascular diseases or even a heart attack. Lead is also a cause for anemia, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, kidney and brain damage and even cancer. Both of these are present in the smog created by vehicles around the world and heavily populated areas are the most dangerous environment for these.

On of the main causes of asthma for example is air pollution. As you most likely know asthma is not only debilitating and dangerous but it can also be chronic. Dust, ash and a number of other pollutants and toxins have been known to trigger asthma attacks as well. These are not to be trifled with and if you live in a heavily polluted area in a big city consider moving away to the suburbs or even outside city limits if you value your health. Its not worth the long-term risks involved in living in the middle of a smoggy city and if you absolutely must then you should avoid working out outside during peak traffic hours – staying inside can be preferable in these conditions.

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