You Follow a Diet, your Weight is Still the Same. What Do You Do Wrong?

weight is still same

How many times did you hear a friend or a sister or even yourself complaining that no matter what diet she keeps, no matter what starvation program she endures and no matter what foods she completely gave up on, the weight is still the same, no major and no satisfying results whatsoever?

We will not even begin to debate on the subject of some diets being true enemies of people’s health or having this terrible effect of not working in the same way for everybody, but we will just assume that you are following a certified diet, which has some scientific background to it and is not something that came out of the Anorexia Club to hunt you down and kill you. Let’s say, for the sake of the argument, that you do follow your doctor’s orders and try to make lifestyle changes with a greater outcome for your life than fitting in your high school jeans. So let’s see some of the mistakes you might be unconsciously making that keep you from losing that weight.

1.      You skip breakfast

Your diet may include or not religiously having breakfast, but you skip it anyway, cause calories do count. Indeed they do, and also your food intake for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast rich in fibers and vitamins can keep you satiated and prevent you from having just too many snacks breaks.

2.      You’re having the munchies

Dieting, sometimes, may mean you’re always hungry. A normal, sane diet will allow you a few in between snacks, but you might count too many. Now, you could end the suffering right here and right now, as there are certified formulas that will literally inhibit your brain to feel hunger, thus helping you to lose weight progressively without dieting or exercising, such is TRIMSPA X32, or you could just refrain from taking just another little bite out of something that you crave for.

3.      You don’t drink enough water

There is no healthy diet out there to tell you not to drink water, or teas or fresh fruit juice. Do it as you are told, as the liquids have just as much importance as solid food.

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4.      You don’t follow the diet, you’re just guiding yourself through it

If your nutritionist told you to eat five times a day, at specific hours, specific combinations of food, you do that without negotiating. You may think that being thirty minutes late on your lunch won’t make a difference, but it will. Also, don’t settle for the easy tasks: if your plan says grilled chicken, prepare grilled chicken, not boiled, and not steamed. If you have a certain fruit on the list, certain vegetables or even seeds and nuts, don’t replace them with other similar ones, just because you think they are similar.

5.      You are stuck on the low-fat label

If something says it is low fat, it doesn’t mean it is truly healthy or will help you in any way. Instead of eating 6 low fat yogurts a day, you’d better look for a good, healthy, as natural as you can find fat yogurt and get things over with.

6.      You didn’t exclude the processed products

You have an eating schedule, the ingredients are cooked by the book, you don’t have nor too many, nor too few snacks a day, you sleep right, you do your exercises right, and yet the fat is still on. Open up your fridge or your kitchen cabinets and count your processed products: ketchup, all possible dressings with fancy labels like low fat yogurt sauce, canned broth and industrially manufactured spices that never met a real spice herb in their entire life, but which have so much salt and so many preservatives in them, they could kill an elephant. Get rid of them.

There are other mistakes people do when dieting, and the first one is being completely chaotic and misinformed about them. Check with your doctor, have some tests, have a full health check-up and then start eating once a month in the name of losing fat.

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