The Ultimate Convenience of a Portable WiFi-Controllable Infrared Heater

Today, we will be talking about a certain appliance that is a memorable part of your life if you live in a cold country. Maybe you already have the hint, yes, your humble heater! Heaters help to keep you warm and cosy even if there’s a blizzard outside, so take a few minutes today and learn more about your faithful friend!

Heaters are of several types, but most modern heaters rely on infrared radiation to emit heat. Infrared heaters are of two types: Near and far heaters. You’ll find both near and far-infrared heaters in the market, and both heaters can be used for commercial as well as personal purposes. So, let’s know more about heaters and portable WiFi-controllable infrared heaters in particular!

Can You Control The Infrared Heater With A Portable WiFi?

Yes, for sure, provided your heater has this feature built in! Many infrared heaters in the market are WiFi controllable. Since these have an inbuilt WiFi connection feature, you can connect it to your Android device right after unboxing the heater. Connect them both and quickly start heating the room.

There are various features that your WiFi-controlled heater comes with.

  • It is easily movable anywhere
  • Set a 7-day timer
  • Change the settings to multiple control zone
  • Share the WiFi with your near ones

You can find the additional details in the user manual of your portable WiFi-controllable infrared heater.

Two Excellent Features Of A Portable WiFi Controllable Infrared Heater

A WiFi-controlled heater has two excellent features you must know about:

  1. Control It Remotely

The portable infrared heater is controllable from anywhere in your home or office. You don’t have to do it manually. Do it in the comfort of your bed with your mobile WiFi. Hence, it is extremely easy to use and control the heater.

Moreover, it looks modern and is compatible to carry across the house. Besides you can also adjust its temperature at your convenience. Additionally, your portable WiFi controllable infrared heater also has features like:

  • Child lock
  • Temperature control timer
  • Motion sensor option
  • With its motion sensor option, it automatically turns off when there is no motion in the heater.
  1. Easy Installation Process

The best part is you can install your portable WiFi-controllable infrared heater by yourself. From purchasing to setting the heater, you can do it without any help.

Types of Infrared Heaters

When it comes to infrared heaters, there are many options to choose from in the market:

  1. Personal Space Heaters: You can invest in a personal infrared space heater for additional warmth in tiny areas. For example, floor or wall infrared heaters. These heaters are best for your living rooms, offices, and bedrooms.
  2. Fireplace Infrared Heaters: These heaters can heat up to 1000 square feet of area. A fireplace heater is best for closed or interior rooms. These are best suited for your stoves.
  3. Industrial Heaters: These heaters are best for working areas such as garages. It is best for large spaces due to its heating capacity. The best places to incorporate an industrial heater are warehouses, godowns, open bays, and more.
  4. Outdoor Infrared Heaters: These heaters are a practical heating solution for your outdoors. You can install them in your garden, restaurant decks, and other such open spaces. These heaters emit the required heat in cold weather. Natural gas or electrical infrared heaters are the ones you should choose.
  5. Portable Freestanding Infrared Heater: This heater is portable and cheap to purchase. You can install it anywhere in the winter. Plus, such heaters don’t require any extra support to stand. The heater is highly beneficial for asthma patients. Consider investing in a Portable Freestanding infrared heater if you want to install it and never worry about the heater again.
  6. Bathroom Heaters: Interestingly, you can now find bathroom heaters in the market. People are investing in bathroom heaters for the winter months. These heaters are meant for small areas. Hence, these are perfect for bathroom areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Infrared Heaters?

Infrared heaters have a ton of benefits. Especially in the winter season and cold countries, it helps produce the required warmth. Your surroundings have relatively consistent humidity levels. Hence, there is no dry air or skin due to the cold air. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in a humidifier.

Additionally, infrared heaters emit clean heat, excluding dirt and other foreign particles. The other uses of a Portable Freestanding infrared heater are:

  • The heater decreases the production of mould in your house. For instance, your bathroom is now mould-free due to your heater.
  • It is excellent for your health. An infrared heater emits heat similar to the sun. Hence, it is best for good blood circulation, a better immune system, and detoxification of your cells. This is a reason why they are used in saunas and yoga centres.


Lastly, you’ll find portable infrared heaters with the best reviews online. Every model does an excellent job of keeping cold at bay. Infrared heaters are undoubtedly better than other forms of electrical heaters. Moreover, if you have a portable heater, there is the added benefit of easy mobility that you enjoy!

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