4 Eco-Friendly Companies with Creative Strategies

Going eco-friendly is more than just a principle; it’s a way of life. People can contribute to reversing environmental damage by making small choices every single day. Opting for daily-use products made with sustainable materials and lowering waste by using and reusing until the end of the product’s life cycle are only a few great starting points. 

Several companies worldwide have come up with innovative product ideas and creative strategies that can promote greener practices. Here are some of the most talked-about businesses that impress with their eco-friendly initiatives. Their primary objective? Building a cleaner, healthier planet that has a happy future.

  1. Dog Food Made with Sustainable Ingredients

One of the most common misconceptions of the pet care industry is that dogs absolutely need meat in their diets. With the global pet food industry projected to value at USD 92.66 billion in 2020, Wild Earth has developed a more nutritious canine diet plan that comprises only sustainable ingredients. The prime sources of protein in their vegan dog food are yeast, fungi, and algae, along with a list of power foods like oats, chickpeas, canola oil, blueberries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and flaxseeds. Not only are these ingredients sustainable, but they’re also unlikely to contribute to pet carbon pawprints on the environment.

  1. Cleaning Up the Environment

An essential part of a cleaner, greener planet is getting rid of the plastic waste from the oceans and promoting everything from stable livelihoods to clean drinking water for millions of people in African countries. 

Bead the Change has developed a product range of accessories made with recycled glass bottles and plastic waste. Available in five gorgeous colors, the environmental cause bracelet is crafted by hand by Ghanian women. Each of the five colors signifies a specific initiative, such as green for reforestation, yellow for cleaner air, and dark blue for digging wells for potable drinking water. At least 10% of the proceeds from the sales are diverted toward supporting these programs.

  1. Supporting Local Sustainable Businesses 

Supporting local farmers and businesses using manufacturing processes that have minimal impact on the ecology is another pillar of supporting conservation efforts. Supporting small entrepreneurs has more advantages than one. Their enterprises keep cottage industries, local craftsmanship, and non-polluting, low-energy production techniques and know-how alive. 

TechnoServe isn’t a company, but their work directly supports countless entrepreneurs across teh globe. Their spending goes toward community development efforts to build a more secure future. This company has dedicated efforts to financing local farmers and small business owners. Providing education, technical support for marketing their products, and assistance for women’s empowerment are only some of the objectives.

  1. Construction and Infrastructure with Recycled Materials

Building homes and other buildings and developing and repairing roads, highways, bridges, and power grids are only some of the essential infrastructure projects that humans undertake. This company has come up with solutions that eliminate the need for steel, concrete, and cement. Their goal is to manufacture railroad ties and pilings from recycled plastic sourced from post-consumer and industrial usage. The raw material used is a structural polymer composite that performs and lasts longer than conventional building materials. 

These companies and their innovative ideas show that adopting recycling and greener practices of preserving the planet is possible. All that remains is for everyday folk to support these initiatives in any way they can. 

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