Are you running an environmentally-conscious business?

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Now more than ever, it is necessary for businesses to prioritise sustainability. Businesses across the globe are making efforts to reduce their contribution to alarming climate change. If your business hasn’t joined the cause, what are you waiting for?

In addition to helping our planet, an environmentally conscious approach towards business can also lower your cost of operations and improve your brand image. Let’s look at some ways to make your company more environmentally friendly.

Switch from paper to digital

Technology has come quite far in terms of communication and storage. Thanks to digital and cloud solutions, the requirement for paper has significantly reduced. Popular applications such as Google Drive and online whiteboards have made it possible to collaborate efficiently while reducing the need for paper and ink.

You can incorporate paperless operations in almost every department. From digital payroll software for HR to LMS for employee training, digitisation is the way forward.

Implement a green mission

Going green is not a single person’s responsibility. It’s imperative to make sustainability a part of your company’s goals. Involve all the members of your organisation to achieve sustainability. You can make a team effort by organising green initiatives to give back to the environment.

Promote recycling

Every organisation should implement environmentally-friendly changes throughout the workplace. For instance, placing recycling bins will encourage everyone to recycle and reuse. You can also make an effort to send obsolete electronics and printer cartridges for proper recycling and disposal.

Associate with green vendors

Make it part of your green initiative to do business with green vendors. This will move the community as a whole towards a sustainable environment. Thoroughly research the companies you associate with and learn about their sustainability efforts.

Merging business with sustainability is an excellent way to express your care for the environment. For instance, if you require document shredding services, you should work with a company like TDS Safeguard. They follow strict guidelines for recycling. 

Switch to LED lights

You’ve been living under a rock if you’re unaware about the benefits of switching to LED lights. Initially, LED lights might seem like an expensive investment, but they aren’t in the long run. They roughly last five times longer than regular bulbs.

Proactive energy conservation

Make proactive energy conservation a part of your company’s policy. There is no point of keeping every light on during office hours. Each and every member should be responsible for turning off lights, computers, and other electronic equipment when not required. Not only will this reduce your energy consumption, but it will also notably reduce your electricity bills.

Use green cleaning products

From cleaning windows and floors to washroom sanitation, every office requires a lot of cleaning products. You would be surprised to learn how harmful some of these cleaning products can be.

It’s crucial to switch to green cleaning products. They are better for health, promote productivity and of course, good for our planet.

Encourage eco-friendly transport

Your care for the environment can’t be limited to the four walls of your workplace. Encourage your employees to carpool or if possible, bike to work. Moreover, compared to private commute, the public transport system is quite accessible and affordable.

Many organisations are offering their employees the option to work from home. Not only does this cut down their commute time, but it also reduces their carbon footprint.

Eliminate single-use items

Eliminate single-use items from your workplace. Replace single-use plastic water bottles, tea stirrers and coffee cups with reusable alternatives. Instead of using single-use plastic pens, choose pens that can be refilled.

Go solar

Using alternative energy considerably reduces the depletion of fossil fuels. By installing solar panels to power your workplace, you can reduce its carbon footprint. The biggest advantages of solar energy? It is absolutely free and readily available!

In conclusion, it’s high time that we do everything in our power to preserve our planet. Hopefully, these tips guide your organisation in the right direction.

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