Birds need you in Summer

Without losing the charm ever, birds chirp for you their pleasure with whistling tunes and you feel elated unknowingly, considering it a part of your day launch. But imagine the day when the dawn breaks and you hear no chirping or twittering. Wandering what I am talking about? Yeah I would have to explain it considering how influenced you are by the global hype of “angry birds”. No harm killing for the new parts but hey there are real birds out there too, the ones you haven’t been attended to for so long and leaving everything for the nature to take care of.

Nature’s scheme facilitates all and so is why the birds never have come to you asking for food or water. Nevertheless, the aesthetic ones who take their time basking the morning’s glory and embrace the nature’s beauty, do not overlook such blissful nature.

If these chirpy blessings are there to make our world beautiful, then why can’t we pay back even if they don’t ask for it? Being humans, intellect is given to us and so is the means to reach out and think. I am talking about the summer’s burning winds and the bird’s dry throats that sure can be cured.

In Islamabad, the temperature is touching 40 and further rise is expected. Birds would never come to ask for it but they do need you. Only water, nothing much! When you hear that hundreds of birds die because of heat, don’t you feel if you could do something? I am not asking you to try catch some and put them in your air conditioned rooms. Birds don’t want that but just a little help that involves negligible amount of effort and immeasurable satisfaction.

A small clay pot or tray, if you can fill with water and put it in your balcony or terrace, under the shade, then you can help so many birds to ease from the heat. Add a couple of pebbles in the water for the birds to sit on and once you watch them taking bath and enjoying in water to beat the heat, your pleasure will be beyond imagination.

Those who are caring, but neglected about the need of water for birds, might get to see you filling the water and you can explain the whole deal to involve them in doing good.

Just try and look around! From simple steps to intended caring actions, you can make the difference!

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