Brighten Up Your Australian Yard with These Trees

If you have been trying to give your yard a new makeover while trying to find a way to keeping the harsh Australian summer sun in check, then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you about the trees you can plant in your yard and how to care for them.

Planting trees are the most natural way to cool down temperatures outdoor and the shade they provide is extremely satisfying. However, trees not only block the sun’s rays, but they do much more than that. As hot air flows through the leaves and branches, moisture from the trees evaporate, thus decreasing temperature and increasing oxygen levels. In addition to this, trees offer aesthetic appeal to your yard and the surroundings, provide a great place for kids to play and read a book as well as make a perfect habitat for birds and wildlife.

Once the trees have grown, they don’t need much care, you just need to water them regularly, keep them fertilised and prune when necessary.

Here are a few trees that you can plant in your yard.

Cape Chestnut

Contrary to its name, it has nothing to do with the chestnut tree family, it is actually more related to the citrus family. It can grow to about 8-20 meters tall with a broad crown. The cape chestnut not only offers shade but it’s beautiful pink flowers brighten up your yard. The tree flowers in bunches from mid to late spring and its leaves are smooth and aromatic.

Cape Chestnut


Poinciana is very popular in Australia and can grow up to 10 meters tall with proper care and timely pruning, although it is usually around 3-5 meters. It also has a broader spread and needs space to develop, so plant only if you have enough space. During spring, bright orange flowers bloom thus brightening up your yard.



Very popular throughout Australia, this enchanting tree is a native to Brazil. Jacaranda can grow up to 10-15 meters tall and has a broad crown and deep strong roots. It bears beautiful, small light purple flowers in spring brightening up your yard. Jacaranda requires a lot of water in summer and it’s best if you don’t prune them. However, when the flowers fall, it could be difficult to get rid of them, so have this in mind when choosing the spot to plant Jacaranda.


Golden Ash

This is somewhat round shaped tree which can grow to around 6-12 meters tall. Golden ash as the name suggest has beautiful golden yellow leaves whether its spring, autumn or winter. This again brightens up your yard making it look beautiful all year round. While young, the shoots need to be pruned for proper growth and when it’s established and older, it is very resistant. The tree, if not pruned well, will not have that aesthetic appeal, so it is better you call Jim’s Mowing services to keep your yard beautiful.  

Golden Ash


Pride of Barbados

Native to West Indies, it is a medium sized bush and can grow into a small tree reaching up to 4 meters in height. It bears attractive yellow and red flowers in summer and autumn and requires special pruning in its growing stage to give it that tree shape. It thrives well in Australian climate brightening up your yard. As it needs special pruning, don’t try to do it yourself, call in the expert tree pruning Mornington service providers. They have the expertise and experience in pruning different tree variety and offer the aesthetic appeal to the tree you have been looking for.

Pride of Barbados

Trumpet Tree

This tree can grow to be around 6 to 12 meters tall. The name trumpet is due to the amazing flower display hence this also brightens up as well as beautifies your yard when the whole tree is filled with yellow and pink shades during spring and summer.

Red Flowering Gum

Red flowering gum is small to medium-sized evergreen eucalypt which grows to about 12 meters tall with a broad canopy.  It is great for coastal locations and dry soil and will grow well in most parts of Australia except for tropical locations. Red or pink flowers appear in summer to brighten up your yard.



This small to medium-sized tree is native to Australia and grows well in rainforest and subtropical areas. It has dense foliage and reaches up to 10 meters when grown in yards. The dark green leaves, red fruit and black seeds are its main characteristics.. it is very popular in Brisbane and Sydney.

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood is the prettiest small tree you can grow in your yard. It bears white, pink or rosy red flowers and the leaves turn a deep red in autumn. Dogwood grows to be about 5 meters tall and can be grown in areas with chilly winter, warm to hot summer and good rainfall.

These are just a few of the trees that you can grow in your yard, but as with all the trees, they age and may become diseased or pose a risk to your family and property and need removal. There are also various other reasons that tree in your yard might need to be removed. Tree removals may break your heart as you have reared them, but it has to be. However, if this is the case then you should always hire a certified arborist to take on the job. This is important because the removal of trees is not an easy task, there are many risks associated and certain safety measures, as well as equipment, is needed. You can hurt yourself, so it’s better to hand over the task to someone who is better equipped and have all the safety measures in place. You can hire Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery for tree removal as they have certified arborists with advanced equipment to safely remove the tree from your yard.   

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