Repurposing for Dummies: 7 Great Decorating Tips for the Energy-Conscious

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Whether you’re doing Spring cleaning or trying to furnish a new apartment, you’re likely to come across old junk laying around. This doesn’t have to be junk. Instead, you can repurpose it to decorate your home.

Toilet Paper Rolls Keep Cords Together

toilet paper rolls

One of the most irritating things you probably have to deal with is the number of cords around your home. Toilet paper rolls can help you keep track of unused cables as well as cut down the clutter of the cords laying around the house.

For cables that aren’t being used, you can bundle them up and slip them into toilet paper rolls. This allows you to label them as well, ensuring that you never lose track of the cord you need. If you’re trying to keep all your cables together, cut a thin line in the toilet paper roll and slip it around the wad of cables. This roll can also be painted or otherwise decorated.

Wine Crates Hold Knickknacks

If you buy your wine by the crate, you’re eventually going to wonder what you should do with the leftovers. You can easily make a wine crate into a holder for knickknacks or other small items. You can use wallpaper on the interior of the crate and along the back, or you can leave it looking as it is. Hang the piece on your wall and place any small items in it you’d like. If you don’t have wine crates sitting around, check at your local liquor store. You may be able to get them for cheap or, even better, free.

Headboards Create Seating Space

With an old headboard, you can create a beautiful bench. This is the perfect option if you have wood sitting around, or if you need to get rid of an old bed because you’re looking at new apartments for rent. The headboard is used as the back of the bench, and a number of pieces can be used for the seat. Whether you make the seat out of other wood you have sitting around or you pick up some extra wood, repurposing the headboard is a great way to keep it around.

CD Tower Turned Toiletry Holder

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t use CDs very often. If you have an old CD tower sitting around, it can make a great addition to your bathroom. Put some backing on one open side of the tower. This can be an old piece of wood, a plastic sheet, or anything else that can hold up the toiletries you plan to place inside. Tip the CD tower on its side and nail it to the bathroom wall. From there, you have individual compartments to hold everything you need.

Suitcases Become Medicine Cabinets

Do you have an old suitcase that just doesn’t cut it anymore? If it’s still in decent condition, consider turning it into a medicine cabinet. Add a few pieces of wood inside as shelving. The number of shelves you have should depend on what you plan to add to the medicine cabinet and the size of the suitcase. Glue a mirror to the front of the piece, then screw the whole thing to the bathroom wall. If the latch is broken on the suitcase, it’s a good idea to make sure you fix it or figure out a different latch before upcycling it.

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Old Doors Make Great Tables

Do you have an old door laying around? If you’re lucky enough to have or find one of these, you can create a beautiful table. You’ll need to find or make table legs, however. Depending on the length of the legs you choose, this piece makes a great dining or coffee table.

The style of the table depends on the style of the door. In some cases, you can drastically change the look simply by sanding the piece and repainting it. Because of this, you can easily turn an old door into a formal dining room table or a simple table to accent your living room. It’s all in how you style it.

Mini Refrigerator Makes a Great TV Stand

If you have an old mini refrigerator that is just sitting around and taking up space, make it useful. These appliances are a pain to get rid of, so instead, turn it into a TV stand with storage space. Inside of the fridge, put DVDs, video games, controllers, and more.

It’s not difficult to turn old junk into new treasures, it just takes a dash of creativity and a small spark of genius. What items around your home have you repurposed?

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