Seeing The World With Environmental Eye

World is the most beautiful place to live, make your life luxurious, enjoying the awesome moments and converting them into more satisfied form and trying to solve all problems that boost up and adds more fun and joy in life and eliminate all worries , problems and tensions of life. If we analyses, world is full with natural things and these things could be described from the four spheres of environment.

Hydrosphere shows the importance of water throughout the world. Oceans which covers 75% of total water of the world regulate the water cycle and showers the precipitated water on the land which are very importance for sustaining the life on earth. Other water sources are fresh water, glaciers and precipitated water that fulfill the overall requirement of the whole earth. Geosphere that consists the rocky structure of the earth assists the life on earth with various living processes and also provide natural resources due to which life on earth become much easier. Atmosphere, the mixture of gases, feeds all the life with food of their requirement. Humans need air to breath which is 21% and biochemical process needs various gases that made it possible to produce the food and the things that are necessary for the life. Biosphere is the living portion of environment that make life possible on earth. Biosphere is actually dynamic portions of the environment that triggers all other portions of environment thus introduce the most important things and living creatures on earth.


Natural and man-made Landscapes which are formed by nature and interactions between man and environment respectively are of great importance and also of concern as nature has made environment for the creatures especially human being to have benefits from it. Environment is made by nature for the people and it has great wisdom lies within it. Every natural process and things ask the questions of how it is happening? Why it’s created? Who created it? What will happen if it does not happen? And what the wisdom lies within it? And surprisingly, it’s very interested to mention that nature has replied itself for every question of natural things and processes! The answer is not given directly but through wisdom too. For example why water is moving in cyclic manner! The answer is it is for the sustainability of life on earth and making all biological process possible. All biological and geochemical processes on earth become possible due to the cyclic behavior of water. 75% of earth is covered with water, the earth receive the water in the equal form; from oceans to the earth and vice versa. If we analyze what is the importance of water and its impact on the life on earth especially on earth, we may have the scientific proof that; we know if we will observe; living human cell consist of about 65-90% of water. Its basic requirement for the fetus to grow. Cell could not be live and the life will be ceased, if cell does not contain water! Another example is what is the wisdom lies on the importance of ozone layer on life on earth? We know that life on earth is not possible if the ozone layer does not exist. Ozone layer surrounds the earth and provide a stable protection shield against ultraviolet radiations which causes cancer and other radiations problems on almost all forms of life on earth. This and other type of wisdom either found on the natural processes or natural things and also on the existence of the great creature of the earth, the human beings.


Earth is full with wisdom and human has got the environmental eye through which one can see, watch analyze, observe and get the result out of the complexities. Wisdom of natural things and processes and human being are interlinked i.e. one may have great impact on other and that mean wisdom of natural things can be applied on human welfare and the vice versa. We have thus two treasures of wisdom that if we utilize them with care, may get the meaningful and valuable benefits.

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