The Beginning of Cooling Systems

The 20th century has been credited as the most fruitful for mankind, as the number of discoveries and inventions that were brought to the fore during this time has made quality of living that much better. Advances in medicine and nutrition mean that we can now live much longer than what was thought to be the case even just fifty years ago. The invention of electrical systems and electronics has enabled communication over long distances much easier. Mankind is currently looking to find a better way to create a confluence between creating innovation and maintaining a balance with the ecosystem.

As such, services like Air Conditioning Cambridge are making a difference toward that effort. Air conditioning basically works to change the humidity in the surrounding area, thus making that area cooler. This was first invented by an engineer by the name of Willis Haviland Carrier in the year 1902. Mr. Carrier, who was working at a publishing house at the time, devised a way to cool the air that was circulating inside the building by sending that air through cooled ventilation tubes.

Thus, air conditioning follows the same basic rules as refrigeration. The conditioners work to cool inside air, utilising the idea that a liquid, when converted to a gas, absorbs heat. In refrigerators, this is done through condenser coils, which circulate the hot air through a series of tubes, thus facilitating heat transfer. An air conditioner also utilises a condenser coil to enable heat transfer. As hot air circulates and gets colder in the condenser, the resulting cold air is blown out through a fan.

In the condenser coils, refrigerants are stored, which transfer to a gaseous state when they come in contact with heated air, and these refrigerants go through another set of tubes where they get converted to a liquid again. Thus, air conditioning is a cycle of heat conversion that is facilitated by a refrigerant. Although this is the basic idea that air conditioning systems run on, there exist many variants of the system that utilise the same basic rules. From the basic window-units to full-fledged cooling systems that are used in office buildings, such systems are essential in today’s eclectic climatic conditions. There also exist a lot of manufacturers that deliver custom-made units that fit the exact business requirement, like Air Conditioning Cambridge.

Since the air conditioners use heated air to turn it into colder air, it was discovered that by reversing the cycle cold air can be converted into hot air. This would mean that units would not only cool air during warmer months, but they can also be used to heat homes during colder months. Nowadays, most homes use a thermostat, which is a centrally regulated system which can monitor and govern the levels within a home by making use of sensors. Air conditioning systems have come a long way since the invention by Mr. Carrier a century ago, although the mechanism that is used remains almost the same.

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