Your Guide to Improving Your Property’s Curb Appeal

curb appeal

When we speak of curb appeal, we’re talking about how people judge your property from the public byway upon which they pass it. In salesman terms, the curb appeal is all about bewitching potential buyers from the get-go and ensuring that your property’s value is as high as possible when you come to sell. As such, your curb appeal revolves mostly around your front garden and outdoor spaces, and in this article, that’s what we’ll be taking a look at.

So, read on for your guide to enhancing your property’s curb appeal this year.

Neat and Tidy

You will draw more attention and affection for your property if your front garden is neat and tidy. While there’s always a place for the tangled and crazy gardens that you’ll see in mansions and outside certain properties, you need to be aware that the average consumer is impressed with tidiness in the garden. Prune and direct your gardening powers to this end.


If you inherit a garden when buying a home, one of the first and foremost things to think of is the privacy afforded by the garden. Of course, a front garden is going to be a little exposed to the street — after all, that’s where you’re generating your curb appeal — but there are small things you can do to enhance the privacy of the garden. For instance, you can install decorative stone panels to your side walls in order to shield your garden from the neighbors in a pleasant, aesthetically-pleasing manner.


There is nothing more heart-stoppingly gorgeous than a well-trained climber on a trellis on the side or front of your home. Instead of bright bricks or other building materials, your home appears to be rising from the very greenery with which it is surrounded. This is always a winner from the point of view of the buyer, as usually, these climbers take many years to train into the position that the new owner would like them. Plant some climbers as soon as possible to increase the value of your property.

Furniture Items

Another element that greatly increases your property’s curb appeal is the inclusion of furniture in the garden. You needn’t go overboard here, either. Just a couple of items will do in order to show the size of the garden. Of course, what you’re really doing is attempting to place the potential buyer in the chair or on the sunbed that you’ve left out, showing off the facilities they might inherit if they make the purchase.

Fancy Touches

A little bit of flamboyance goes a long way when it comes to curb appeal. Why not fit a large and beautiful mailbox, or place an ornate sundial in the middle of your front lawn? Or, maybefix a wonderfully-carved bronze knocker to the front of your door. All of these things add that little bit more character, which you’ll then be transmitting, excitingly, to potential buyers of your home.

Use all of these tips and more to boost your property’s curb appeal when selling later this year.

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