7 Delicious Desserts You Should Definitely Try In Vietnam

Vietnamese food is mostly known for its taste along with being regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines. You will generally find robust food options which include rice, noodles, pork, beef and seafood with a taste of herbs and greens. Other than that, Vietnamese cuisine is mainly known for its tasty and unique sweet dishes. You will get a range of desserts which tend to have an extraordinary taste. If you want to try some unique and healthy dessert, here’s a guide to seven such items you need to try in Vietnam.

●    Sweet corn pudding (Chè Bắp)

If you want to try a unique taste of rice, sweet corn and creamy coconut milk, you must try this pudding. The fresh corn mixed with glutinous rice topped with sesame seeds altogether gives a unique flavor to it.

●    The three-color dessert ( Chè Ba Mau)

One of the most interesting Vietnamese desserts with vivid colors is three-color dessert. It’s an icy dessert that will be a wonderful treat for you during the summer. Other than that, it also consists of healthy elements that are required to prepare this dish. It consists of different layers of mung bean paste, red beans, a unique jelly called the green pandan and furthermore, topped with ice and served in a glass.

Its colors get mixed when you stir it with a spoon, thus giving a beautiful look to Chè Ba Mau. Also, it tastes really good and you should surely try it if you happen to visit Vietnam in summer.

●    Vietnamese doughnut – (Banh Tieu)

If you want to taste some tasty Vietnamese cuisine, it’s imperative to try special Vietnamese doughnuts. They are quite famous due to their crispy taste and uniquely delicious flavor. The fried doughnuts have a sweet taste and are topped with white sesame seeds.

●    Sticky rice balls in ginger syrup (Chè Trôi Nước)

It is one of the rarest desserts consisting of mung bean paste, glutinous rice and freshly cooked in ginger syrup which gives a sweet taste to it. It is a traditional Vietnamese dessert that is served hot and generally eaten during auspicious occasions like a child’s first birthday or during the festive season.

●    Mung bean Pastry (Bánh Dau Xanh)

Another delicious dessert made especially from the mung bean paste is the Mung Bean Pastry. It is a traditional local dessert which comes in interesting size and shapes. This dessert option is known to possess fewer calories and is beneficial for your health as well. You won’t find them extremely sweet but they are delicious and contain a unique flavor.

●    Sweet potato, taro and cassava soup(Chè bà ba)

Another healthy Vietnamese dessert made of sweet potato, taro, cassava cooked in coconut milk is the Chè bà ba. It is a warm and soupy dessert that can be found even in sidewalks. It is an excellent dessert to have during winters and you will find the local people generally enjoying it as one of the most popular desserts in the region. 

●    Vietnamese sweet cakes

There are a variety of sweet cakes and sweet dishes made locally in this country. There’s a peculiar sweet sandwich called Bánh Mì that is exceptionally delicious and popular everywhere. Another delightful cake called the Bánh Chuối is made from banana. These sweet dishes are prepared in a local style and are not only significantly delicious but also readily exported to distinct parts of the world solely due to its increasing popularity. Therefore, you must try these healthy desserts that are quite popular in Vietnam and can find a wide range of cuisines on Original Saigon restaurant’s Pinterest page. Go check out now.

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