How to use mobility scooters and where to buy them in Ireland

A mobility scooter is an electric vehicle or mobility aid similar to a power wheelchair. However, as the name suggests, a mobility scooter is configured just like a scooter. There are no special requirements for using mobility scooters. This means that you do not need licensing or insurance, not even a driver’s license, to ride or use a mobility scooter. These devices can be a critical addition to your life, especially if you have mobility issues. You can use the scooter to get around and run errands without requiring any assistance.

How to use a mobility scooter

The first thing that will help you understand how to use a mobility scooter is knowing everything you can about the product. It would help to spend some time getting to know the device and all its elements. This will give you a good starting point when learning how to use a mobility scooter. For instance, knowing the mobility scooter speeds will help you keep it under control when using it. It is also worth understanding that learning how to use a mobility scooter may take a bit of practice. Practice will help you get used to the device, its size, and its operation. Also, when practicing using a mobility scooter, it would be wise to use open spaces.

The key to using a mobility scooter is ensuring that your center of gravity is at the right place at all times. The right position for your center of gravity is in the middle of your seat. Ensuring the right center of gravity will help keep you from leaning too far to the front, back, left, or right. This will keep you from tipping over and getting seriously injured. In addition to the center of gravity, you must also avoid leaning on one way or another without paying attention. This could lead you to accidentally engage the throttle and cause the scooter to take off unexpectedly. Remember that riding a scooter is not like riding a motorcycle.

Another key is understanding that there are two mobility scooter modes you should understand. They are;

  • The freewheel mode- this mode allows you to maneuver the scooter manually. In this mode, the braking is usually disengaged to ensure easy pushing and guiding. When using this mode, make sure you put the scooter back in drive mode. This will help you lock the brakes before you can leave the scooter unattended. It would also be wise never to put the scooter in freewheel mode during an incline or decline or without someone who can control the scooter in place.
  • The push-too-fast mode- this mode keeps the mobile scooter from picking up too much speed or getting dangerously out of control when using it. This mode is designed for users’ safety and prevents the scooter from operating outside when it is supposed to or is meant for.

Note that there are specific areas where you can ride your scooter and area where you cannot. For instance, some scooters can go up hills while others cannot. This usually depends on the navigation and the design of the scooter. Additionally, when riding your scooter, it would help to consider other people and their property. For instance, when approaching a busy area, it would be wise to slow down and keep an appropriate distance behind them. Also, you may want to slow down before approaching corners and take your scooter keys with you after packing. All these tips will enhance the safety of using a scooter.

Where to buy mobility scooters in Ireland

You can purchase these scooters from different places in Ireland. Some of these places are;

Online stores

There are numerous online stores in Ireland where you can purchase mobility scooters. When choosing the best online retail store for buying the scooter, you must do your research keenly. Understand the available options, what they have to offer, and their reputation. You can find the best online scooter sellers by searching through the internet. When doing this, ensure to add your location.

Offline stores

The market also features a wide range of offline stores in Ireland to get a mobility scooter. Choosing an offline store would be a good idea because you get to see and test the product before paying for it. However, like online stores, you also need to consider certain factors.

How to choose the best place to buy mobility scooter in Ireland

The trick to choosing the best online or offline store to purchase your scooter is to consider elements like;

  • Cost- the price of the product is one of the first things you must consider. Most people like to compare prices by different stores when choosing the best one. However, it would be wise not to compromise on quality when selecting the best price.
  • Authenticity- the scooter should also be authentic. Checking the product’s authenticity will help save you from getting duped or getting a low-quality scooter. In addition to checking the authenticity of the scooter, you must also check the authenticity of the deals offered by the online retailer.
  • Reputation- it would also help to check the store’s reputation, whether it is online or offline. You can always tell the reputation of a store by reading its reviews online. The internet features reviews for both online and offline stores. Reading them will help give you an idea of what to expect and whether or not you can trust the store.
  • Service- this refers to the customer service as well as complimentary services like maintenance and repairs. It would be wise to buy a scooter from a store that offers maintenance and repair services. When working with an electric device, these services are mandatory.

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