Why we can’t work together……..?

why we cant work together

From very first day at school we are listening stories like unity is strength and different stories are popular for reference like farmer and his sons etc. First i was thinking why these stories are included in our primary education, now I understand that it is just for our mind sitting but this is also the fact that in real no one seen this thing in our past or in our present generation and these stories are only restricted to reading and writing just for the passing in exams.

Everyone knows what is bad and what is good but no one knows why we are not going together and why we can’t? What are the reasons or agents or actors between us who stopping us from get together? Main problem with our country is that we are going for solutions without any knowledge about disease. Today criticism between different departments, ministries, Individuals, group of individuals and others is one top but this criticism increasing the distance between them rather than decreasing the gap. None of us is ready to go to root cause of problem and to avoid it in future and none of them is ready to apologize and say we will correct this.

Developed countries had already proved it that development and progress without the coordination between different departments, ministries and other social organizations is not possible because one department or group can’t do all things, everyone will doing their own work honestly then a country can move smoothly towards a better tomorrow. But in Pakistan situation is very strange we are always talking about progress and development at electronic media, news papers etc but still we are confused that how we will achieving these tasks and this is the main reason behind our slow growth and not achieving our targets.

In short if we really required progress then we should go together and we should need a strong coordination between our various departments and ministries and public groups to set up our objectives and road map very clearly but the most important thing is we need to first ask from ourselves and from our seniors that why we are not going together and whose are responsible for this. When we truly answered this question than everything will automatically get set…

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