Can I Skip a Workout Session?

People who are devoted to the gym life know how important it is to go to the gym regularly and to work out and eat right consistently. However, there are times when going to the gym seems a bit too much and we cannot muster the motivation to get out of the house.

Even though regular physical activity is important, there are some times when it is OK to skip a workout session. Just make sure that it doesn’t turn into a habit and that you completely give up on the gym.

If You Have Injured Yourself

This one should go without saying but still. Whether your injury was gym-related or not, do not force yourself to go to the gym and do not attempt to use the part of the body which was injured before it has fully healed.

Follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to the injury. If you really cannot imagine your life without the gym, make sure to consult your doctor about what kinds of exercises are acceptable for you and find a class which suits you the most.

If You Are Sick

When you get ill, your body needs to allocate enough resources towards fighting the illness and making you feel better. That’s why you feel a bit weak while you recover. That also means that you need to take it easy, including giving up going to the gym while you recover.

Once you feel better, you can return to the gym, but take it easy for the first few times, because your body may have lost the rhythm and may not be able to take your regular training without some preparation first.

If There Is a Weather Warning Out There

A lot of the parts of the USA have had a lot of trouble with snow this winter, whereas other parts were hit pretty badly by hurricanes just months ago. Going out for a gym session during the times when all the governing bodies are telling you to stay at home is irresponsible at best.

Seeing how spring is fast approaching, allergies are becoming an increasingly troublesome prospect for many. If you have issues with allergies, make sure that you are safe first and worry about going to the gym second.

You’ve Had Surgery or Given Birth

Another health related reason to skip gym is when you are recovering from a traumatic experience like birth or surgery. Both of these events can put a lot of strain on your body, and it takes a lot of time to recover, during which you should abstain from any stress, including the gym.

Your doctor should be able to tell you when you will be ready to go back to the gym. Just like with other instances of skipping the gym for longer periods of time, once you do return, take it slow and build up your strength and fitness levels.

If You Just Can’t Muster the Will

If you are a regular at the gym, skipping one session isn’t the worst thing in the world. You won’t lose any of your fitness, and perhaps you need the psychological boost of skipping than you need the physical boost of going. This is especially true if you work out every day. However, make sure not to skip two consecutive workouts.

If you feel guilty for skipping, you can find ways to fill your day with some physical activity to compensate somewhat for the missed workout session, like walking or cycling more that day. However, be careful with this mindset, as it can become a slippery slope towards stopping altogether.


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