Daily Aspirin Therapy Might Not Be That Risky

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For some of us, the risk of a heart attack or a stroke can be quite real and serious. In these cases, it might mean you choose to take daily aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) therapy to lower that risk. After all, aspirin is an anti-clotting cell medication, so taking it once a day interferes with your body’s ability to clot blood. Consequently, your risk of having a heart attack or stroke lowers as these conditions can often be caused by a blood clot preventing blood flow from reaching the heart or brain.

But some professionals have considered this benefit to be a double-edged sword. You might lower your risk of a heart attack, but aspirin raises your risk of internal bleeding, right? Well, science may make professionals and patients reconsider this perspective.

New research indicates aspirin may be just fine to use, no matter your condition.

As part of a study for the academic journal The Lancet, researchers observed stroke patients at 122 hospitals. Some patients were given anti-clotting medication, and others chose to avoid the use of that medication. The end result of observing both groups has shown that people who have suffered a stroke from bleeding in the brain are actually able to take common medication like aspirin without raising the risk of having another stroke.

This information is quite new, so not all websites have been updated to reflect it. But it’s good news to those who now know that their daily aspirin therapy is safe enough to keep taking. They don’t have to worry about unintentionally raising their risk of strokes or heart attacks through internal bleeding. In fact, it was suggested that aspirin may even reduce instead of risk further brain bleeding.

So whether you have a higher risk for strokes or heart attacks from previous conditions, you should be fine. And if you don’t, it’s likely you’ll be perfectly safe, too.

But what about the expensive medication prices in the United States?

Okay, so aspirin has been deemed reliable, and in turn, aspirin therapy is looking more and more like a good option for lowering the risk of heart attacks with barely an issue. There’s only one obstacle left: the United States’ incredibly high prescription prices.

Unfortunately, the United States is a country with some of the highest priced prescription medication. The cost is steep enough to prevent many from getting the medication they need.

But you don’t need to be one of those people. Instead, you can ship your aspirin through an international or Canada pharmacy referral service like Canada Pharmacy Depot. This service will allow you to choose which country you want your medication to come from so you can avoid the United States’ high pricing, but still get decent medication from a licensed pharmacy elsewhere.

In short, taking daily aspirin therapy should be a simple and safe way to lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes. You won’t need to deal with the possible threat of internal bleeding or expensive medication prices.

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