EIA vs Risk Assessment


In this world and modern age where disasters and risks were always on the peak and demolishing every single aspect of life where as environmental impacts after the disasters can overtake the pure form of environment and causes contamination in bio-life forms and their natural habitat,plants species,animal species micro level organisms and also a-biotic environment including physical components.

EIA vs Risk Assessment


As far as planet Earth has a life Natural Disasters and Man made disasters will continue to hit our mother planet Earth although natural disasters cant be stop but can be minimized at a certain level and have some precautions so that risk can be minimized,Where as Man made disasters(anthroPogenic Activities) can also be minimized at 100% level by proper Impact assessments and mitigation plans.


In order to minimize the disaster rate of both Natural/Man Made can be properly minimized and mitigate by the new terms in the field of Environmental Sciences are Environmnetal Impact Assessment(EIA) or Initial Environment Exam (IEE) and Risk Assessment(RA) both are the methods used for the investigation of risks and disasters.


Most countries are using these methods but mostly EIA has been widely used in most developed countries and also been observed in developing countries like srilanka and pakistan etc.


Environmentalists and Environmental Scientists used these approaches to combat against both types of disasters and sort out mitigation plans for ecological benifits,socio-economical benifits and physical  Environment.As Disasters not only destroy nature but it drastically destroy man made environment that consists of Buildings, Recreational parks,Industries,vegetation covers and educational institutions and so on….


EIA has become one of the most effective tools for incorporating environmental consequences into decision-making,an integral part of overall planning process.EIA has developled in response to limitations in the traditional project planning process with regard to environmental consideration,and also in response to the growing concern about environmental quality issues.


Where as Risk Assessment is the most critical stage and the most essential step in the formulation of on environmental management plan.It basically is a process of assessing the likelihood that a given hazardous situation may contribute  to particular diseases,injury or ill health.It is a detailed examination of what, in your workplace,could cause damage to environment and people.It present a clear picture to the researcher about the priorties that need to be given to some most significant impacts.it determines the need for the measure to be taken to comply with the existing environmental regulations and thereby,to reduce the impacts on the environment and on workers health.


So from the above of the article i have concluded that where as EIA is important for any project as mandatory because to stop the disasters and estimation of risk and destruction and mitigations therefore Risk Assessment should be introuduced as a part within EIA as the project is worthy  the health of workers and other major concerns are also worthy for the fulfilment of the project.


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