Environmental Awareness through Media Campaigns

media influence on environment

I am very jovial to perceive the awareness within the people of Pakistan which is profound news for the people especially for the environmentalists that they succeeded in some extent to create awareness among the people through their wits and strategies which is a great achievement for them.

I will not  you all , actually today these comments of mine which I have aforementioned was written by me in a very happy mood after watching a drama serial in which there was a clip on the unduly litter, in which a person was eating banana while riding bike and there was a person in the car was observing him that where he will put the trash finally that person threw trash on the road; then the observer chased him to caught but after 5 minutes of chasing he finally caught him and asked him that ‘’brother you have thrown the bananas trash on the road please put it into the dustbin’’ but he was very stubborn and he replied “Who are u  to ask me to put this bananas trash in dustbin” .

I must say a very harsh reply but the another person have again told him to do it but he didn’t then he forcefully took that person to the trash and told him to put this litter in the basket and if you won’t, I will beat you badly then that illiterate person have deposited the trash in the basket and at last he said sorry and he promised him to not repeat it again.

It was great that media is trying to spread awareness within the people by adding these type of scenes in the Drama serials. Though some of the people are unaware but we can aware them and it needs a lot of effort to uplift the “Go Green mission” but be optimistic rather than pessimistic it will give you hope for the future programs.

This Article is Written by “Ikram Ul haq” Author At Envirocivil.com

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