Environmental degradation in Chitral and some Mitigations

Environmental degradation in Chitral

I belong to Chitral and its been 5 years that I visited Chitral.As I am the student of environmental sciences soI had a great concern about the environment in chitral.

I have researched from various sources and I have come to know about the impacts of some improper actions in Chitral, I want to share some of them over here.
1. Deforestation has been increasing in chitral and I think government should take actions on cutting down trees on commercial scale illegally. Otherwise the greenery in Chitral will totally be removed and deforestation can lead to several other issues like climate change.
2. Solid waste management (SWM) There is no proper management of solid waste in Chitral. Paper and Plastic waste are thrown either in open spaces or in Chitral River.There should be containers for their collection on daily basis.Sewage system should be properly lined and not open drainage system,ultimately pouring all the waste into Chitral River.Medical waste must be treated properly instead of burning them openly without knowing the danger.
3. Their should be some treatment plant or a landfill to dump the waste on daily basis. Car washing stations should treat the water containing toxic substances before directly entering into the Chitral River as they are openly putting the waste water coming from domestic and other sources directly into the river due to which the river water has been degraded.
People of Chitral should also take actions against the issues before the situations gets worst specially youth, they must aware people about the environmental proms through some activity or awareness programs.

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3 Comments on “Environmental degradation in Chitral and some Mitigations”

  1. a very good research but i disagree with the first point if the government will ban on cutting trees what the chitrali’s will do because there is unavailability of gas in the chitral if the government wants it to be lessen then they need to devise strategies for household gas… but on the whole i appreciate your work Nusrat Shaheen…. keep it up and do write these type of articles thank you…

  2. Where is Chitral located?   I agree with you about wishing a ban on logging and hope alternatives can be found.   Is the population there growing, is this why more forest is being cut?   What you describe reminds me of what happened centuries ago on Easter Island, where the people living there eventually died out.   Research indicates that the growing population continued to consume the forests, which also held wildlife and eventually a lack of food resulted.   I also feel we should regard other species as having the right to live and to the earth, just as much as human beings do.

    1. tim ireland chitral is located at the extreme north of  Pakistan and the population over there is not so much, the deforestation is one of the bad issue over there which is creating toxicity within the area due to the lack of natural gas …
      the deforestation is the only way to earn or to live as the temperature over there is very cold and this is the only way to heat up the homes etc.
      if u have any question you can ask…. thank you

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