Home Sweet Home

Home, our shelter, isn’t it a suitable place to be under, the only thing which each and every person wants for his comfort, for his relaxation, for his satisfaction in other words it is a basic necessity of life together with food. Would you allow anyone to destroy your home or damage it in any way? The answer is off course a big no, then how dare you destroy others home, yes you’re right I am highlighting the recent Margalla hills national park’s forest fire.

Was this an accident?  What was the main cause? No glassy answers, forest fires in Pakistan carry a major cause that is burning done in order to cover their crime i.e. tree cutting in broad terms deforestation. Did Government take any action against this illegal act or even tried to find the reason behind this act? A big “NO” appears, I am sorry to say but our country is lacking behind because of these reasons they don’t care about our country’s property instead they care about their own property, no doubt that’s the fact and I know you also agree with my point of view, and we all regret not because our Government isn’t performing their job well but because we can’t take any step, why is it like that? Because here the truth is indigestible!

Killing a person is illegal but why killing a tree is legal? , people are the citizen but what about the trees what is their fault? , People home matters but what about the habitat which trees provide? Is comfort only essential for the people? People can live without gold and silver but without trees, death stands at the door. Thus protect their home, so that they may protect yours.

This Article is Written by  “Sidra Shahbaz Khan”  Senior Author At Envirocivil.com

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