Increasing Popularity of Biofuels


Biofuels are an energy source made from living matter. Biomass is a material created from living, or recently living organisms, most often plant materials that is converted into biofuel. This procedure can create fuel from living things.

Biofuel is taking plants and creating our own fuel. This is a way to create an energy source that is renewable. The current energy source we use, fossil fuel, is quickly running out. Prices are skyrocketing because the supply is beginning to dwindle. Biofuels are a way to move from an energy source that is harming our environment to one that is more earth-friendly.

Increased use of Biofuels

The increased use of biofuels comes from two different sources. First, we are highly dependent on fossil fuel energy. This energy source is dwindling. As time passes, scientists are diligently seeking a replacement energy source that is renewable. Biofuels meet this requirement.

Also, our world has an increased emphasis on the overall environmental health of our planet. We are always looking for a more eco-friendly was of doing things. By using biofuels, we are creating less pollution and keeping our planet healthier.



Transportation is the third largest producer of greenhouse gases. The gas we currently use for our cars is omitting pollution into our atmosphere. By using a renewable energy source, we can significantly decrease the greenhouse gases we are putting into the atmosphere. If you were to use 100% biodiesel in your car it would reduce the emission of carbon dioxide—the main greenhouse gas causing global warming—by more than 75 percent.


One of the greatest benefits of using biofuels is the local benefit it will provide. We can make biofuel anywhere. We don’t have to get biofuel overseas, like we do fossil fuel. We aren’t sending money over to other countries for fuel when we use biofuel. Producing and using biofuel can benefit the economy because it keeps money in our own cities, towns and states.

Another reason biofuel has great economic benefits has to do with supply and demand. It is no secret that we have used a lot of our fossil fuel resources. These resources are becoming more difficult to come by. For that reason, the cost has risen. We need these fossil fuels to function in today’s society, and because they are not as easy to get as they once were, prices are rising. The biomass needed to create biofuels can be found everywhere. An energy source with a much larger supply will result in a much lower cost.


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