Less Known Ways to Save Mother Earth

ways to save earth

1.  Buy only synthetic rubbers.

It is not only cheaper for the consumer but also much more forgiving on the environment. It is synthesized from chemicals which have high abundance in nature. In contrast, natural rubber is derived from the tree Hevea brasiliensis, aslo know as the rubber tree. A high demand for natural rubber can lead to more and more deforestinization and eventually the extinction of the tree.

2.  Be mindful when interacting with nature.

When you go out into the wilderness, be sure that you leave exaclty as you came in – without touching anything. Many people don’t realise how delicate our eco system is. If you break as much as one branch of a tree, the consiquences for that thee and anything that lives in near proximity, would be catastrophic.

3. Do not work your airconditioner fulltime.

When we are in an airconditioned environment, it is important to remember that power isn’t free. You may pay for it, but it costs a lot more to the environment in terms of pollution. As soon as the room is cool/warm enough, switch it off until you feel the need to trun it on again. This way you not only save up on electricity, but you also score one for Mother Earth.

4.  Keep your electronic devices and electric appliences as long as you can.

People tend to get this trend, where everything in your possesion must be new and stylish. This leads to a lot of used cellphones, camcorders and blenders ending up in the junk yard. This is not only harmful to our planet’s fianide resources, but the result of this pllution can be easily classified as ‘environmental genocide’. The waste we leave behind us in temrs of cars and electronics will out last even a million lifetimes.

5. Use as little paper a as possible.

Although we have made a great headway in recycling our paper, the demand for new one has not dropped in the slightest. The timber industry is bullzoding a large portion of the Amazon rainforest for just. The advent of comupters can eliminate paper usage almost 90%. For example, if you have to take notes or write a diary, why not use a tablet?

6.  Provide your Own Power Source.

We have all heard of green energy. Green energy comes from solar pannes, wind mills and generatiors. You can easily power your lights and your electronics with a simple home set up. Not only would you be doing mother nature a big favor, but you would also save money in the process.

7.Talk about environmental awareness.

Talk to your friends about the importance of recycling and how can they help save the environment. You would be suprices how many people would gladly join you in your quest for one greener, healthier planet. You can but on flyers; start a logging protesting campain; plant a tree etc. Know that it is up to each and every one of us to share the responsibility for preventing pollution from happening.

8.Particiape in environmental events.

Nothing says we love nature more than a hip jam festival. All you need is a couple of good friends and a positive attitude. It is a great way to meet people who share the same beliefs as you. Knowing you are not alone in this struggle will give you a fresh breth of confidence and the motivation to actually make a difference.

Autor Bio: Connie Jameson’ really love the earth and always try to keep it clean for the future generations. She works for http://www.cleantoperfection.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-west-london and that is why her passion for to keep the earth clean is so big.

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