Positively Impacting the Environment: Eco Ships

Prominent charterer, Cargill, has made the decision to only hire eco ships with great fuel efficiency. This move has emerged after huge adjustments have been made to the maritime industry, in order to reduce the heavy environmental impact boats have. And although on the surface, this may seem like a sensitive move to help biodiversity in the eco system (known to many as ‘tree hugging’), the thing about energy efficient transport is that it saves you money; so really this is a smart business choice too.

Back when eco ships were casting off for the first time in maritime history, businesses wondered whether environmentally-friendly boats could be financially viable. Many asked themselves if going green was worth the investment, as it was a new technology. And ever since, the reverberating reply from cold, hard statistics has been ‘yes.’

What Kind Of Vessel Will You Be Sailing?

Ship owners have one of two options, when choosing an eco ship. Either you can choose a boat that’s designed to environmentally-friendly specifications or you can reuse an already existing ship and have it retrofitted to reduce its carbon footprint. Depending on your budget and your needs, those are your choices, so pick wisely.

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Although the current economic situation has led to a parade of temptingly cheap fuel-guzzlers, there are many reasons why you should choose an eco ship as your next maritime purchase. If you look at the bigger picture, a green, efficient ship will give you great savings in the long term. There’s no point purchasing a ship that costs next to nothing, if it means you have to pay royally for its running costs.  Less fuel will be needed for long, trans-oceanic journeys.

Eco ships just make better use of the fossil fuels it runs on. However, the ship’s design is uniformly energy saving. All these factors make an eco cargo ship worth the initial investment, as the monetary savings are calculable. If everyone made the change, this would lead to a cleaner environment and lower shipping costs across the board. And wouldn’t that be a fine thing?

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The Big Green Debate

Often, environmental practices spark debate, but energy efficiency is something you can prove is an eco-friendly alternative. Even ship owners who aren’t interested in becoming an eco captain are fascinated with the energy/monetary savings that environmentally-friendly ships offer.

That aside, environmental consciousness is something consumers care about; especially in a sector that is notorious for being bad for the eco system. Eco-friendly exports and imports will garner favour with the market, for a sector that has a black name. Hopefully, this will translate to greater sales and market growth.

When the shipping industry had such a bad name – it’s time that we make amends to the public by cleaning up our act, and saving ourselves money in the process. Then everyone’s a winner.

The role of the shipping industry has a significant part to play in the economic and environmental impact of our society. Shipserv, who are marine mooring rope suppliers for the shipping industry recognise this and want to provide best practice messages relating to this.

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