Rugs over carpets – Which one is better for your room?

If you are decorating a room you always have to pay attention to the floor as well. Here you will have an important decision to make, should you get a big carpet that is big enough for the entire room or should you choose one (or multiple rugs)?

In our opinion, you can do both. First of all, when you buy a wall-to-wall carpet you probably buy it in neutral tones so that it works almost like a second floor. This means that you can’t really pick something that is too colorful or complex. However, you can do that with rugs and add the creativity that your room needs.

Additionally, carpet goes under the furniture so it will take a lot of time to change it since you will have to move all the furniture in the room. Placing it under a sofa or a wardrobe for example, can also be damaging for the carpet. You can’t really hide those unless you place a rug over them.

But how to choose the perfect rugs for your rooms? We have thought about this question as well and we managed to come up with a few tips that should help you make the right decision.

Be careful if you Want to Mix Patterns and Colors

When it comes to the model of the rug, you can either choose a simpler one that will go well with anything in the room, or one that is highly creative and can be the center of the room. However, in this case you should also take into account the style of the carpet.

Rugs can come in a lot of styles, from Luxury Rugs to simple ones. While you will probably see more than one pattern that you like, it is recommended that you use only one at a time. It is difficult to mix patterns, and very few people can do it. Therefore, if your broadloom has a pattern, then buy a basic rug.

The same advice works for the color of the rug. It is important that the two colors work well together. A rug will be placed on top of the carpet so you should find two colors that are complementary, or two different shades of the same color.

Match the textures

If you are going to layer carpets and rugs you have to make sure that they go well together. While, it is not the most obvious detail, you must pay attention to the texture of each one. Usually, it is recommended that you vary the texture.

For example, plush carpets work best with woven rugs or ones who are low-profile berber. Meanwhile, looped carpet can be matched with a rug that is thicker and more luxurious.

The right size

Size is also important when it comes to rugs over carpets. Even if your carpet goes from wall to wall, this does not mean that the rug has to be tiny. Try to find one that matches that size of the entire room.

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