Some Interesting Uses of Electrical Tape


Electrical tapes are primarily used by electricians to prevent and monitor the flow of electricity. It is easy to tear and can be written on too, thereby providing a wide range of applications. An electrical tape is used for labeling, including color coding and also for temporarily attaching objects to one another. Moreover, since the tape is resistant to flame and extreme weather conditions, it is used outside the electrical arena as well.

Electronic application:

  • At many times, electricians need to connect one wire with another. They connect them by twisting one over another. Since these wires should not be kept uncovered, electrical tapes are used to cover the points where connections among multiple bare wires are maintained. This ensures greater reliability and stability of the system.
  • Since electrical tapes are glossy at the back, one can write on them. This feature ensures the applicability of these tapes for labeling fuse boxes, in order to identify which fuse is meant for which box.
  • Since electrical tape prevents the flow of electric current, it reduces the risk of users getting electrocuted. Electricians use this tape to wrap around the handles of metal tools which have no proper insulation.
  • Electrical tape is also used for separating hot wires from cold wires. If hot and cold wires meet, there is a fair chance of electrical short-circuit happening, which can damage the appliance permanently.

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Miscellaneous applications:                                          

Sports: Electrical tapes have sports application as well. It is used to secure shin guards so that the latter do not slip off, causing grave inconvenience to users.

Decoration: Electrical tape can also be used for decoration purposes. Cut electrical tape in interesting shapes to use for decorating your pen. Choose appropriate shapes and sizes to ensure that you can easily paste them around the pen. You can also cut the tape in several stripes and put them all over a pen from top to bottom. Use as many stripes as possible to make your pen look colorful. Also, use electrical tape to decorate your kids’ chairs. Cut colorful electrical tapes in several stripes and use them to add color to your kid’s chair.

Electrical tape is great to use for Halloween decoration. Get a pillar candle, which is a colorful electrical tape to decorate your house for Halloween party. To be more innovative, use colored electrical tapes to create borders on the lampshade. This will make your house look gorgeous and vibrant.

Moving: Electrical tape also has significant uses during moving from one place to another. Use electrical tape of different colors to label your boxes so that they can be easily identified later.

Mark the spot: Electrical tape can be used to mark the positions of the performers on the stage. It can also be used to mark the props in correspondence with the colors marked on the stage floor.

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