Stop being selfish!

Stop being selfish!

Self centered people; each person has its own circle of benefits, lives in his own world, no concern about others, no concern about the world, according to him, he is the only living on the planet earth. His family matters, his life matters, his children matters, his living matters and his rights matters, What about the life of the animals he hunts? What about their children? What about their family? What about their rights? And what about their living?



It doesn’t mean you stop hunting for your needs, but to stop hunting for your wants and for fun. Humans are not the unique species that have the right to exist. Each and every object and other living beings created by ALL MIGHTY ALLAH has the equal right to exist in this world. From a tiny bacterium to a giant elephant, and from a tiny seed to a lush forest, all specie carries a book of rights and a law defending its life. All of them have a purpose to exist; they carry certain functions which may be directly or indirectly for the benefits of the humans and the world. But as our greediness increases day by day, we don’t even bother to know their true purpose of existence and what will happen when they are all vanished.



So, why we don’t bother about others life? Why are we so selfish? What is the reason behind our pride? Are we made up of special sand? What actions should be taken against these life takers and selfish people? Why aren’t Governments banning hunting for fun? Is your country taking action against this act?



………..Questions, Questions, Questions, and I don’t think their answers exists, if they did, then the birds would fly in the sky without the fear of dying, the deer would be roaming in the woods, instead of hiding behind the woods. And the intrinsic value would have existed.

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