Stray Animals need your Hug

stray cat

Ever wonder where do stray cats and dogs get their food or shelter from? This must sound so much of a consideration when you don’t even see them a part of your environment. We are so civilized that we keep Persian cats at our home; love Rag Dolls and Himalayans; spend so much money on Chihuahua to Great Dane. How elite we are to love all the designer clothes and shoes for ourselves and the same way when it comes to the selection of pets, we want some expensive branded pieces do decorate our homes.

Can you relate to any of this? Actually I can relate to the exact opposite and feel sorry about the people who claim to love animals but what they actually love is the “breed” or more appropriately, they are brand conscious about animals too. Therefore, the already neglected stray animals never get their attention or love or a home to share with them.

Brownie made me write this story-like article for you. Brownie is a male adult cat that I rescued from outside my house. While calling home my pet cat, Thunder, I heard a cat’s cry and saw this brown Siamese outside the main gate. I rushed downstairs and he came running with me to my room where he almost swallowed the cat-biscuits. I thought he has lost his home and just as I see somebody looking for the lost cat, I will show him Brownie but the whole night including the next day ended and nobody came for him. Neither did he try to go out. Abandoned or lost, he was extremely scared and bruised; his eyes were red out of sleeplessness. I named him Brownie, showered him and cleaned his ears so my own two cats don’t react much. Brownie had high fever and he slept for continuous 4 hours after I gave him medicine. 3 days of Tender Loving Care escaped Brownie’s fear and his bruises were better too. Meanwhile I had texted my entire contact list “Pure Siamese, male, about 8 month old cat available for free. Contact me for details and adoption. Only real pet lovers are expected to call”.

The following day I received so many calls for Brownie’s adoption. Were these people real pet lovers? I don’t think so because I had texted the same people when earlier I rescued a small stray kitten and nobody responded. After keeping that small kitten with me for days I gave him to ‘Pets’ Enclave’ for adoption. My hearty thanks to Zubair who is the owner of this pet shop called Pets’ Enclave located in F-10 Markaz, Islamabad. So many times I have rescued small kittens and I give them to Zubair for adoption and the care they need. He has never told me off and always finds home for these stray abandoned kittens. Pets’ Enclave got a vet too, hence the local people who want any good advices about your cat’s grooming or boarding, vaccination or check-up, can visit Zubair.

So what became of Brownie? Well, today’s been a week and he’s still with me. I am looking for good parents for him and within a couple of days he will get adopted. I am happy to see him getting better with each passing day. Look at how good he looks now.

 stray animals

This is just one of the many stories that I have shared with you. Please for once try to be humans and think beyond the selfishness that lets you look over that crying kitten at the roadside. If you can spend thousands to purchase some big-haired cat, you surely can adopt one homeless too. I have a very touching video to share with you where a pet duck adopted some newborn orphan kittens. Click Harry the Duck & His Kittens to witness how a male duck nurtures these infant orphan kittens. If other animals can do this why can’t we?

We don’t have any animal shelter in Pakistan so being human it becomes our responsibility to make our share of care. Every blame in not supposed to be put on the Government where several people are homeless too. You might not have the resources enough to take responsibility of another homeless human but that does not make you free of all concerns. I am doing my part. Now, you need to do yours by showing a little love and compassion.

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