A Complete Guide To Garage Shelving!

If you are working on finding the right shelving idea for your garage then you are right to be here. We understand how important and tough it could be to find the right storage shelving for your garage. But without the right storage and shelving, a garage can easily get clutters which makes it impossible for one to find the right stuff on time. This is why you need to find the most suitable garage storage units.

If you are considering picking up a storage rack randomly from the market, considering it will work well. Think again! Not all racks or storage unit is same. Choosing the storage unit or rack completely depends on the purpose they are going to solve.

For instance, can you imagine a plastic storage rack holding heavy garage tools or supplies? Of course, No! Before you buy something you regret, we would suggest you check out these garage shelving and storage ideas we have accumulated for you. Now, the list below has been composed by us taking into account years and years of experience we have in providing and installing storage units in homes, offices, buildings, and more. So, be sure that you will find what you need here for sure.

Types of Garage Shelving that will work well!

There are various types of shelving options available that will suit your needs. These are categorized on the basis of the material they are made of. These types are –

  1. i) Wooden Shelving
  2. ii) Metal Shelving

These are the two kinds of garage shelves available in the market.

i) Wooden Shelving

The first kind of garage shelving that you can choose is the wooden shelves. They are not just sustainable and strong but will also add some style to your garage. There are many options available like – oak shelves, maple shelves, etc. There are two kinds of wooden shelves in the market – hardwood, and softwood. For garage shelving, we will always recommend you pick the hardwood shelves.

ii) Metal Shelving

The second most preferred kind of shelving best for your garage is metal shelving, Most of these metal shelves are made using steel which obviously makes them durable and strong enough to hold garage supplies. On top of it, metal shelves are very easy to maintain and clean. So, if you are looking for an easy-to-maintain option for your garage storage, choosing metal shelves is the best.


There are many companies like SkyTeck that specialize in garage shelving. So, if you are looking for a storage solution for your garage, it is better to hire professionals for the job. They will not only guide you through the selection of the storage unit but will also install it for you Along with that, if you hire a company like SkyTeck, you will get the add-on customer service which will cover the maintenance you might need in the future.

We hope that this piece was helpful and would love to hear from you on which storage idea did you pick – wooden or metallic?

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