Greener LED Lighting Solutions: Save Money

LED lightbulbs may seem extraordinarily expensive at prices of up to £25/$40 a bulb and one would certainly understand how costly it could be attempting to kit your whole home out with them.

However, with rising electricity costs and gradually falling LED lighting costs it may be an option that many homeowners and builders alike will soon be considering. Although, costing around six times as much as most halogen bulbs LED bulbs payback their investment price in under 1.5 years.

Of course, for those of you changing more than just a few bulbs in your house the can be vast!

The longevity of the bulbs life is also sure to provide you with a great saving as you will not have to replace them nearly as much as you would have previously replaced normal halogen bulbs. In fact, these bulbs are so durable most of them have an amazing long length lifetime of 10,000+ hours.

At first, there were questions raised as to the performance of many LED bulbs as of course the reason why they are so much more energy efficient is because they use less electricity. Many asked whether this leads to a weaker light being produced by the bulbs.

In recent times though these doubts have been erased with many experts giving an approving verdict on the LED technology preaching that the level of light emitted by the bulbs is more than satisfactory. These studies have only been supported by reviews from many delighted bulb purchasers all across the web.

The most important factor here of course is that these bulbs use much less energy than the average halogen bulb and are therefore more environmentally friendly. Most halogen bulbs will use around 35W of energy. A LED bulb, on the other hand, will use 4W. This reduced use of energy to keep your house, office block, or land illuminated will eventually amount to a great saving.

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As mentioned earlier in the article LED lighting prices are gradually falling. There are already bargain LED bulbs available from a number of manufacturers for as low as £9/$14. At these prices the crossover to energy efficient LED light fittings will soon be a lot more accessible.

Re-fitting numbers of bulbs in different locations around your home can literally save you hundreds each year.
Recently, in many locations across the UK town councils have had to switch off their street lighting in areas where it is less necessary in order to save money on energy bills and reduce their own personal carbon footprint. In one location (Salford, Manchester) a retrofit of their street lighting involving a switch to LED bulbs has allowed the town to maintain it’s lighting performance whilst also helping them meet their carbon reduction targets.


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