Is Green Tea The Best Natural Product For Weight Loss?

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There are numerous individuals throughout the world that want to lose weight and enhance their body composition. Each unique person will go about achieving this goal in a different manner. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to achieve their goals and achieve their ideal body. Some, who have actually managed to succeed, have done so with the help of green tea. Is this the best natural product for losing weight and getting into shape? Or is nothing more than a gimmick? These questions will be examined in greater depth below.

Understanding Green Tea

Green tea is derived from Camellia Sinensis leaves. The process of transforming these leaves into green tea is much different from making oolong tea and black tea. When producing green tea, the leaves are not forced to undergo withering and oxidation. Originally, this form of tea was produced solely in China, but it has grown in popularity and has spread throughout the world. Now, it is widely available and its popularity has grown immensely. Much of this has to do with the health benefits associated with consuming green tea.

The Makeup Of Regular Green Tea

When purchasing a pre-produced green tea, it is likely the makeup will be altered substantially. However, if you consume regular green tea, you will be drinking a mixture that is made up of 99.9% water. Traditional green tea will contain 1 calorie for each 100 mL serving and will contain very little to no nutrient content. Also, regular green tea will contain phytochemicals, including caffeine and polyphenols.


Claims And Studies

There is a heated debate regarding the overall effectiveness of green tea. The truth of the matter is that various clinical studies have been conducted regarding the benefits of green tea and the results have been inconclusive. In 2011, a group of scientists conducted a study on behalf of the European commission and concluded that the claims made about green tea were unsupportable by scientific evidence. Nonetheless, a lot of people truly believe that green tea has given them the ability to improve their health, while also losing weight. Some vehemently profess that green tea is by far the best product for weight loss.

Caffeine Content

It is the caffeine content within green tea that is believed to be responsible for promoting weight loss. The effects of caffeine on the body are no secret. Caffeine can speed up the body, while also increasing the body’s metabolic rate. This stimulant can enhance exercise performance, while also promoting more rapid fat burning. The combination helps to make green tea an excellent option for anyone, who wishes to lose weight. Of course, caffeine isn’t the only active ingredient within green tea.

EGCG Content

Green tea also contains a sizeable amount of EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate. This specific substance is capable of boosting the consumer’s metabolism. EGCG has also been studied numerous times, in order to analyze its potential therapeutic use for an assortment of different disorders. The mixture of caffeine and EGCG can be effective for speeding up the user’s metabolism, while also breaking down fat cells more rapidly than normal.

Appetite Suppressant

Many people fail to lose weight, due to their inability to control their appetite. This is one of the very reasons green tea is so beneficial. The tea is capable of suppressing the user’s appetite, so they don’t feel hungry so often.

Is Green Tea the Best Natural Product For Weight Loss?

The answer is maybe. Green tea possesses all of the characteristics of a great weight loss aid, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Caffeine can present some unwanted side effects, which are better off avoided. If you’re not a fan of caffeine jitters, it is best to steer clear of green tea!

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