How to get instant relief from the annoying hiccups?

avoid hiccups

So often we get caught up by the annoying hiccups and nothing helps. The tip that is always advised by the elders of drinking water to stop the hiccups doesn’t work too. This could happen in the silenced examination room or while you’re talking to somebody when the hiccups periodically interrupt where you feel embarrassed, losing all the concentration. Well, the solution is really easy as far as non-chronic hiccups are concerned.

Just hold your breath for 10 seconds and the hiccups will disappear.

Yes, the solution is this easy. I discovered it while my sister was annoying me with her hiccups. I asked her to hold her breath where she thought I was trying to get rid of her instead of her hiccups. Later, I found the scientific reasons and the implementations of this very procedure.


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