Common sense: Avoiding hazards in the workplace

Whether you’re in a high risk environment or an office, it is important to know the risks of your environment and to be aware as to how they can be avoided safely. There are accidents and injuries just waiting to happen in every kind of workplace, so it is essential that you familiarise yourself with your health and safety procedures and to follow all instructions so as to avoid injury.

Injury in the workplace, while accidental or incidental, can cause an extreme disruption to both your work and your personal life. It can even affect your job stability if you feel as if you may have to fight a court case over a personal injury claim, so it is important to take steps to avoid personal injury where possible.

Wearing Protective Clothing
By wearing protective clothing, you are effectively shielding yourself from any harmful elements that you might encounter in your workplace. Uniforms are there for a purpose and if those uniforms are highly durable, bulky and sometimes awkward, then they are as such for a good reason. Failure to wear the proper protective clothing not only puts yourself at a higher risk but it also can endanger others around you.

Likewise with hard hats in construction areas. While they may not look pretty, hard hats are there for one reason only; to protect your head. If you’re working in an area that has falling rubble, you’re going to need protective headgear otherwise you might end up dead. There is no mincing words; wear a helmet, it is essential.

Knowing your Fire Escape Routes
Many companies both large and small engage in regular fire drills, but think on this, do you actually know where to go or are you just following protocol? Take some time out to familiarise yourself with the actual route taken in the event of a fire, including perhaps what to do when discovering a fire. In a real fire, people will not be quite so calm so it is important to make sure that you know where to go when it matters.

Reporting Accidents
If accidents are not reported, then how will employers notice a correlation and prevent the cause of the accident? You might have stubbed your toe on the front step only once, but if every other employee has also stubbed their toe, then there is a problem. It could even lead to a repetitive strain, or a client taking a nasty hit one time. Always make sure to report your accidents no matter how small or stupid they might be. You might be the one to find a flaw in the system, thus leading the manager to make the changes needed to ensure a safer working environment for all.

Registered First Aider
There must be a registered first aider in the company, or several for large companies. Get to know yours or try to get a bit of training in first aid if you’re worried for your own safety. There is no harm in learning first aid as it is always helpful in tricky situations.

Of course, accidents are bound to happen from time to time and no workplace is completely safe from incident, but by knowing the risks and taking the relevant precautions, you can really help to reduce your risk of injury at work. This benefits both you and your employer, and helps improve the lives of those around you as fewer incidents means fewer setbacks to the working day. Treat the cause not the consequences. Preparation is key!

Article provided by George Ide LLP, a personal injury solicitors based in Chichester, UK.

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