Recycle and Reuse: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Electronics out of the Landfill

recycle and reuse tips

1. Sell Your Devices Online

Online there are always people on the look out for old electronics. Many people even specialize in buying broken electronics so that they can repair them and sell them for more. You might be surprised how many people are interested in your unused electronic devices, so consider selling them before you throw them in the trash. They might even be usable for parts at a repair shop.

You can sell old electronics from the comfort of your own home, and it only takes a few seconds to list an item in an online marketplace. People are always looking for second-hand electronics because they are cheaper than newer models. Get some extra cash for your old electronics and save the environment while you’re at it.

2. Return Them To The Source

Most manufacturers are more than willing to accept used items back. Mobile phones in particular will often offer significant amounts of money in exchange for old, used devices. This means that you can return your Blackberry 9 device when you’re ready to purchase a Blackberry 10. Returning your old devices is a great way to both protect the environment and reduce your household expenses, so contact your device’s manufacturer before deciding what to do with it. Sometimes you can receive money for the return of a device, but either way you will be keeping the environment green.

3. Save Them For Later

A lot of devices, especially phones, may actually come in handy later if they still work. If you just bought one of the new Bell mobile phones and you’re trying to get rid of your old one, there are a lot of occasions when someone might need an extra phone, camera, or laptop. There may even be a time when a family member or a friend needs a hand me down for a special event. Saving electronic devices that are still in working order is often a good idea, as these devices will last for a very long time if not in use. You can also send the word out to your family and friends that you have these items if anyone needs them.

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4. Use Them For Other Purposes

If you’re a creative or technical type you can also use electronics and electronic parts for creative projects. If you’re not creatively inclined, there are some artists that look for and will accept used electronics to be used in their work. A simple online posting is a great way to get in touch with these artists and find a new life for your old electronics. And don’t forget that many schools and educational facilities always need equipment, so if you put in a call to a few of them you may very well get a positive response. Educational donations can even be written off on your taxes. There are also endless needs for electronic donations at second-hand stores. Find a local thrift store or charity that accepts old electronics and contribute what you can to them if you have no other uses for your old electronics.

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