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gain weight fast

Putting on weight seems to be as tough as losing weight though most of the people think other way round. The underweight people have to face disgrace in front of others for their skinny and bonny appearance. Even before one starts trying out various ways of putting on weight, it is important to know what are the probable reasons of being underweight. If reasons are known then one can take better approach towards resolving the problem.  There are several reasons why one is underweight than several others of the same age group.  A little planning and proper attention to the nutrition will definitely help one to put on weight fast.


The person willing to gain weight must start taking 250-500 calories more so that the calorie intake increases than it gets burn every day. One should eat every one or two hours so that there is continuous supply of nutrients and calorie to the body.  One should look for additional calorie for the body from the foods with healthy starches such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, lean proteins like chicken breast, fish, beans etc. Consumption of nuts (pistachios, almonds and walnuts), plant oils like-canola oil, olive oil etc and fatty fish are very important to gain weight fast.


The meal designed to gain weight must have increased portion sizes of healthy foods.  One can take extra 2-3 ounces of protein while taking dinner so that the total calorie increase is there by 100-200 calories.  Adding one cup of wheat pasta for the lunch will increase 170 calories. One can have some extra scrambled egg in the breakfast or can have one extra toast so that the net increase in the calorie remains about 500 over the entire day.  Eating snacks like nut butter, sandwiches and smoothies will also help in increasing the weight. Milk and juices in between the main meal are also very good recommendation for weight gain.


Choosing the right kind of diet for weight gain is very important. To gain weight increasing the number of meals is important but again eating whatever we feel like is never recommended. That will ultimately make the body unhealthy and can cause serious health hazards in future. The meals should have the proper balance between the various essential nutrients needed by our body. The meal should have the required amount of proteins, carbohydrates, right kind of fat- unsaturated and mono saturated fats and vitamins and minerals.


Exercises also play important roles in weight gain. Along with the nutritional diet, proper exercises like the bench press, squats, and dead lifts are very good exercises for one to have weight gain fast.  With a focused attitude it is easy to gain weight fast.

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