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Many Job Seekers must be searching of what civil engineers do? what is job description of civil engineer in Pakistan?In this post you will find answers to these questions. Basically civil engineer is the one who plan and design construction projects without harming the environment.These construction projects can be of small scale to large national projects. They also creates and maintains building structures, roads, airports, bridges, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, water and sewerage systems. There are two types of civil engineers one is consulting engineer and the other one is contracting engineers. Consulting Engineer is the one who advise on projects and contracting engineer plans, creates and maintains structures.

Basic Civil Engineer Job Description

There are many specialists requires in civil engineering projects.As a civil engineer you can get a job in structural, transportation, environmental to maritime and geotechnical. Typical duties of civil engineer includes:

  • Requirements discussion with client and architects.
  • Analysing survey, maping and material testing with software’s.
  • Undertaking complex and repetitive calculations.
  • Resolve design and development problems.
  • Drawing on CAD.
  • Plan on project working i.e to see if project can be completed in time with given materials.
  • Assessing the environmental impact and risks connected to projects.
  • Preparing bids for organization.
  • Managing the progress of the project.

You will be visting the site frequently. Urgent visits to sites may also be necessary, especially for new graduates.You work will mostly be 6 days a week. Sunday Off.

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Requirements To Get The Job:

Now you have basic knowledge of job description of civil engineer in pakistan but to get the job the are some requirements. Basic requirement is to have four year Bachelor of Engineering degree Or Masters Degree in civil engineering. There are also some diploma holders working in this field but on small posts.

I hope you will now have clear concepts of  job description of a civil engineer. Now be confident when applying for jobs in good organizations.Best of Luck and Let us know about your views below.


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