TES Group Contribute to Water Treatment & Sanitation Project in Iraq

The TES Group, a leader in water & power technology solutions have recently completed a critically important water treatment project in conflict-torn Iraq.

The project – which is for The Republic of Iraq Ministry of Municipality And Public Works’ was awarded to the TES Group in 2017 and is part of the extensive Al-Shatrah Sewerage Scheme, aimed at significantly improving sanitation services for the people of Iraq.

Where is Al-Shatrah?

Al-Shatrah (also nicknamed little Baghdad due its strong trade relation with Baghdad) is a town in southern Iraq, located 45km north of Nasiriyah, 300km south of Baghdad, and 25km west of Lagash. In 2016, Al-Shatrah had a population estimated at 300,000.

Project Details

The need for the project was both crucial and urgent, as the water supply and sanitation infrastructure in Iraq has been badly affected by years of political turmoil.

Three decades of war, combined with limited environmental awareness, devastated Iraq’s water & wastewater resources management system. As a result cities, towns, and communities all over the nation have faced challenges in ensuring households have access to safe drinking water and sanitation services.

See this UNICEF article which also highlights just how bad the sanitation and clean drinking water problem has been in Iraq over recent years. https://www.unicef.org/wash/iraq_43232.html

The Al Shatrah Project “a landmark sewerage scheme” is an extensive undertaking which, upon completion shall have a maximum input capacity of 63,000m3/day. This project will greatly improve sanitation services & provide safe drinking water to thousands of Iraqi people each & every day.

TES Group – Operating Globally

This contract marks another success in TES Group’s international development. The company has completed a number of extensive projects in the Middle East and this is now the second significant Iraqi based project, having completed a half million pound contract in 2011 for the Ministry of Municipality and Public Works.

TES Chairman Brian Taylor commented, “Having access to clean safe water and sanitation services is a fundamental right. TES Group are extremely proud of the fact that our systems make a contribution to improving these facilities for Al-Shatrah and Baghdad communities.”

TES Group – Services

TES Group are a multi-faceted, internationally recognised company working to the highest standard of electrical & mechanical engineering excellence. Innovative and dynamic, we are established in a number of industries offering professional, quality engineering and project management services to include;

LV Switchgear   

Motor Control Centers  

Water Treatment   
– Waste Water Treatment
– Power, Control & Automation
– Systems Integration

For more on our projects around the globe – visit the news section on our website.


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