Environment of Pakistan…A Threat

pakistan environment

Environmental issues got to be the keystone of all development issues on numerous levels. Major environmental problems presently attempt Islamic Republic of Pakistan embrace global climate change, water, energy, pollution and waste management, salinity and water work, irrigated agriculture and a lot of that square measure too various to count. Pakistan, being one in all the extremely vulnerable countries to global climate change impact, must bear the force of its effects.

Climate change is a threat to Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Square measure considerable increase in frequency and intensity of utmost weather events as well as erratic monsoon rains inflicting repeated and severe floods and droughts.

Pakistan could be a natural disaster-prone country. In recent years it’s had to face one in all the worst floods in its history and a significant earthquake within which the govt struggled to beat the natural bad luck. The quick growing population poses a big challenge for Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The prevailing surroundings management capability cannot sustain such an huge population whereas providing a decent quality of life. Despite the devolution of the federal ministry of surroundings and transfer of a lot of powers to the provinces, the state of surroundings has been in an exceedingly shambles.

After the devolution of the federal ministry of surroundings, the ministry of disaster management took over the responsibilities of the surroundings sector at the federal level. Owing to the restricted resources at its disposal, government efforts alone aren’t enough to deal with challenges ensuing from global climate change. A way larger participation and support from alternative stakeholders as well as business, civil society and also the public at massive further as donors is required to effectively answer climate problems.

Environment connected factors cause roughly one third of all kid mortality in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the best rate in South Asia. Diseases like diarrhea and typhoid fever, caused by inadequate water system, sanitation and hygiene square measure alternative important forms of environmental injury that conjure concerning 30% of the value of environmental damages. The remaining 20% of the overall price results from reduced agricultural productivity owing to soil degradation, significantly salinization, erosion, and water work, that includes a forceful have an effect on the livelihoods of individuals within the rural areas.

Environmentalists and officers say the move could have serious consequences on totally different sectors within the country as well as agriculture, water and forestation besides losing illustration at international forums. International donors and organizations engaged on global climate change also are unlikely to support Islamic Republic of Pakistan in handling this reality. Islamic Republic of Pakistan could face isolation within the international community if it doesn’t take effective measures to deal with ever-changing weather patterns to halt this extremely dangerous threat. All development could go waste if we tend to don’t confine read the issues of global climate change within the country whereas constructing dams, roads, canals and bridges.

Pakistan is additionally losing its illustration on international forums for addressing this issue, principally owing to official apathy. Development and growth in Islamic Republic of Pakistan square measure supported utilization of natural resources however the pressures of increase and a resulting increase in demand and economic condition will all take an important toll on environmental assets.

Pakistan has to strengthen its policy, institutional framework and capability to mitigate these negative impacts in line with the simplest international practices. Group action these practices into the project method from going to implementation can improve semi permanent property of those comes.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan falls within the most vulnerable classes of global climate change however we tend to do nothing to deal with the challenge. The govt. ought to revive the global climate change ministry and develop totally different viable comes to hunt international funding for them. It’s time to tackle these issues failing that not solely can the surroundings additional deteriorate however conjointly the food security of the country can come back beneath severe threat.

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