List of Renewable Resources – Top 4

List of Renewable Resources

In this day and age, energy is one of the most important things to make sure our daily lives run smoothly. If our body needs blood and oxygen to keep us alive, energy is what makes it easier for us to live our lives. However, some orthodox of producing energy like coal, oil, gas and nuclear reactors although have proven beneficial to us but for our environment it has been a different story all around. Let’s have a look at our list of top renewable resources that could help us to kill two birds with one stone – producing energy while keeping it cleaner and greener.

Top List of Renewable Resources

1.      Wind Power

Wind power is quite a safe way to generate energy by using wind speed through wind turbines which can be converted into electricity. In this case, the fast the speed of the wind, the more electricity can be produced. Every year, around of 25 percent of the energy used is generated by wind power. It might not be a major contribution today, but in the future this percentage is set to rise and the number of these wind turbines is certainly going to increase on the land and oceans.

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2.      Solar Energy

One of the most popular renewable resources of energy even amongst the end-users is solar energy. Solar fans, solar lights, solar chargers etc. are just a few small items that are powered by this clean source of energy for day to day use. However, solar energy has a great potential and can generate energy on a very large scale – which seems to be true for the coming years. There are two ways to harness energy from sun, passive solar and active solar. Due to its high initial costs, individual households are not able to afford it right away – but on the government level it seems to be doing well. It is clean, harmless and green way to get energy from nature without destroying it.

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3.      Geo Thermal Energy

As we all know that geothermal energy is energy formed by the molten and heated interiors of the earth, which are positioned at the planet’s core. The molten materials under the ground have very high temperature and provides energy for various purposes.

Like any other renewable source of energy, geothermal energy is extracted from the earth itself through machinery. Geothermal energy is present in the core of the earth in the form of heat and is extracted by us to work as a fuel for various purposes.Here is the ultimate geothermal energy guide which explains all its expects.

4.      Hydro Power

If you use water to harness the water and use it as a renewable resource of energy that wouldn’t sound like a bad idea, right? Yes. It’s again, harmless and a very reliable source of generating energy. Water’s force coupled with gravity results in generating electricity which results in catering to around 20% demand of energy around the world. It might not be high enough, but it seems to be one those resources for energy where future lies. There are multiple ways hydro power works to generate electricity which include: hydroelectric, damless hydropower and tidal power.

These are just three renewable sources of clean energy on our list of renewable resources among few others. It is high time that the governments and the citizens around the world start adapting to these safe ways of generating energy while keeping the environment cleaner and greener. After all, earth is our home and if we are not going to make it safe then who will? There’s no time to wait – it’s time to do something about it.

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