10 Tools that Could Galvanize Your Gardening Experience


Gardening is a noble hobby, not only does it provide you with ample relaxation, it can also yield bountiful edible harvests and the opportunity to elevate your garden to the next level, thus making all of your neighbours jealous. There’s nothing quite like running the mower over your lawn and pulling up a knee-pad to get into the garden beds with a trowel.

Have you ever considered, though, that there may be tools out there that could revolutionize your entire experience? There are and you don’t have to blow the budget just go get them!

Plant Link

Technology is changing the world one app at a time, so why should your garden be any different? Okay, plant link isn’t an app (though, there are garden apps available, which we’ll discuss in more detail below), but it is a game changer. It’s a moisture sensor that looks more like a cigarette, and it slides into the plant pot (or garden bed). So, what does it do? It’s basically a dummies guide for not killing your plants because the Plant Link will let you know when your plant life is in need of water (or even if you’ve given it too much). It doesn’t get much cooler than having a plant whisperer.

Ergonomic Shovel

The one drawback of gardening is that it can be sore on the body – especially for anyone with existing arthritic conditions. That’s where the ergonomic shovel comes in handy. While the blade itself may be heavy, it’s sharp for optimum digging and the handle is easy to grip and lightweight.

 Online Garden Planner

What’s the point? This handy tool is ready to do the hard planning work so that you don’t have to. It will help you make good use of the space you have in your garden.

Plant Sensor

Are you just getting started and you have no idea where you should plant what? A plant sensor can help. It simply slips into your prime patch and will collect a variety of data points over the next few days. You see plug it into the computer to find out how much moisture and sunlight the area gets and decide what the best option is for that spot.

Garden Compass

Is your garden being destroyed by pests? Has a new plant appeared that you didn’t plan? Are you plagued by questions and unable to find the answers? Welcome this free app! You can snap a picture and upload it to the app to get free advice.


If you miss your plant life in the drab winters or you just want a simple way to keep your home brighter – consider the aero garden. It’s an easy solution for any beginner and is a hydroponic system so your plant life will grow faster and bigger. What could be better? It’s ideal for growing berries that fall prey to birds swooping in, or even for an herb and lettuce garden.

My Garden Containers

If you’re chasing the perfect aesthetic for your garden then My Garden Containers is perfect for you. This tool will help you pick plants that look great together as well as grow similarly. It’s essentially a recipe guide, but for plants. It’s going to make gardening life much easier as you can provide the same care and attention to plants without having to consider different needs. It will even let you know how much fertilizer and water the garden needs.


You may love soaking up the summer rays, but within British weather, it’s easy to take it too far. June is a wearable device that will let you know when you’ve had too much sun. It’s an efficient way to beat sunburn, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


This nifty weeder is a real treat; it might not look like it’s up to much but looks can be deceiving. It’s a great tool for weeding and it’s easy on your back. No more kneeling and hunching to get the most stubborn weeds in the garden. This is an easy to use tool that hooks and crooks even the deepest roots.

A Garden Journal

This may seem silly, but keeping a garden journal is a great way to keep track of what you have planted and when, as well as tracking its progress. You can learn lessons on planting times, and which options are more suitable to your garden area. It’s a great way to get future planting right and get the most from your experience.

Before you go off running to the store to stock up on goodies, visit Gtech.co.uk to get incredible discount codes on all of your gardening needs. If you’re looking to take your gardening game to the next level – some of these tools are an absolute must, not only will they make your garden look better they’re going to make gardening even easier.

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