Best Supplements For Weight Loss

Going on a weight loss journey can be incredibly daunting and unnerving, especially if you’ve tried many different things to lose weight. If the scale isn’t your friend and you’ve been struggling to find something that works, adding specific vitamins and supplements to your daily regimen is a great way to jump-start your progress and can be integral to managing weight loss.

The bare mathematics of weight loss is calories in versus calories out. Yet, it’s rarely that simple when you take into account metabolic variances, food intolerances, and specific health conditions. Certain supplements can directly improve the particular barrier that many find challenging in their weight loss journey. Here are some of the best supplements and vitamins to incorporate daily to aid your weight loss goals.


Taking a probiotic is essential to not just weight loss but overall health. Probiotics are good bacteria that help to regulate the digestive system. Issues in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to many problems, one of which is bloating and hanging onto weight in your midsection. Studies have compared the good bacteria within the stomach of an obese person and that of a non-obese person: the differences were quite noticeable. Good bacteria helps to level out dietary intake as well as the storage of compositional lipids. But remember, not all probiotics are created equal. You’ll want to opt for the option with at least 20-50 billion live cultures. Also, it’s best to store your probiotics in the refrigerator.


This is a metallic element that the body requires in small amounts to help the metabolic process. This means that it is a critical component in allowing your body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins properly. It helps to create lean muscle mass and can also aid the process of fat loss. Chromium also helps to regulate appetite, which can be a massive struggle for so many people who battle with their weight and sticking to a specific eating plan. Taking 25-45 micrograms a day is a healthy dosage.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is critical to shedding fat. Research shows that the presence of Vitamin D helps the cells your body use glucose for energy. When levels of Vitamin D are low, levels of a specific hormone called the parathyroid increases. When this happens, the fat cells then turn sugar into fat. Here’s an overall tip, while some people do correctly burn glucose, many with weight problems do not. This is why staying away from sugary foods is frowned upon on so many different eating plans. Lack of Vitamin D can also impact a hormone called leptin, which signals your brain to stop eating when your body has had its fill.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Adding this supplement could potentially help you with your moods, which is directly tied to the onslaught of emotional eating. When you feel better, have better-coping skills and less stress, you won’t inadvertently reach for the chocolate bar or the buttered popcorn. Omega-3 fatty acids also help to trigger enzymes in the brain that propels the body into fat burning mode. This supplement even provides you with one of the most productive sources of fat, often found in foods like salmon. This is the type of healthy fats you should be incorporating into your diet, along with items like avocados and nuts.


That’s right, not only is calcium necessary for bone health, but it’s also a critical mineral that aids in weight loss. Calcium works in tandem with Vitamin D to aid the shedding fat process. Calcium gets stored in the fat cells. The more calcium that must reside within the cells, the more fat the cell then has to release to burn. Calcium is also beneficial because it helps to bind fat to your GI tract which means it won’t be further absorbed into the bloodstream.


This supplement, which is a derivative of a key amino acid called tryptophan, has many different benefits. All of these benefits are directly related to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that affects things like appetite, depression, worry, and mood. When serotonin levels are appropriately aligned your appetite evens out. The connection to hunger and the ever-changing modulations of serotonin are directly fused. Not only will this supplement help you regulate your appetite which will prevent the ravenous feeling that often leads to unhealthy choices, but it will also positively impact your mood.

All of these supplements can be purchased at your local vitamin shop or online. If you’re terrible at remembering to take pills, try putting your them in a medication organizer that way your supplements are where you can see them, and you won’t have to dig into separate bottles every day.

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