A Guide to Recycling Your Office Supplies


Being eco friendly isn’t always easy, especially when you’re away from home. If your office isn’t exactly the greenest space on the business market, there’s ways and means of bringing a little environmental consciousness to employees. Try out these following tips to recycle your office supplies and keep your carbon footprint teeny tiny for better home or office climate control

Contact the Upper Echelons

 To see if you can get an environmentally friendly programme off the ground, contact your manager. It’s unlikely that the boss will stop you from making adjustments to the way your company uses its office supplies, as long as it doesn’t cost the business money. In fact, recycling and other eco friendly pursuits benefit the company in energy savings.

Call the Council

 Enlist the council’s help and ask them if recycling facilities could be made available on the premises. Of course, if there already is such a system in place, then it’s up to you to motivate your colleagues to utilise it effectively.

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Choose a Recycling Governor

Someone needs to pioneer the project, so if you don’t feel you’re right for the job, ask another member of staff to take the reins. They must have sufficient authority to make changes to the recycling process in the building and must be environmentally conscious.

Email Your Colleagues

Get creative and draft up an exciting email about recycling, which will hopefully spread awareness throughout the building. Brainstorm ideas about how you can motivate your colleagues to care about the environment. You can perhaps include some information on some of the issues the planet is facing today.

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Bring Your Cup to Work

Disposable water and coffee cups are as annoying as they are bad for the environment. Encourage everyone to bring in their own mugs to use at the drinks machines or cafeterias. Alternatively, bend management’s ear and try to convince them to hand out an inexpensive mug to all employees.

Recycle Recycled Paper

Ask the office supply department to start purchasing recycled materials, such as paper, toilet paper, and tissues. The writing and printing paper can then be recycled again, for a more environmentally friendly approach to resource usage.


Often, employees chuck away recyclables in the landfill bins because there’s no nearby recycling option. For every office bin, make sure that there are eco options. That will hopefully nip laziness in the bud.

Create Incentives

One great way to get people to go green in the office is to incentivise environmentally friendly behaviour. Provide a team reward for the most eco group. Start up a bike-to-work initiative or a packed lunch day. Invite management to a meeting and discuss what kind of incentives the business can provide. You could even bring to the table a whole business greenwash with refurbishment companies.You could even bring to the table a whole business greenwash with refurbishment companies like www.opus-4.com.

Launch campaigns like ‘wear a jumper to work’ during the winter months, so the heating bills can be reduced. If you have any knitters in the team, you could commission them to create silly woollies for people around Christmas time, like hats and gloves. The possibilities are endless all you need to do is think of a creative solution!

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